Using a video production service can add another layer to your content and help get eyes focusing on your brand. With killer video production and top-notch editing, you can expect a slick video that hits all the right notes for your customers. But how do you know which video production services are well-suited to grow your business? This Small Films guide details the best video services available and how they can help your brand. So if you’d like support from a video production company in London, then do give us a bell.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to tell people about your products and services. They often sit on your website homepage and surmise your business offering in just a couple of minutes. Explainer videos can also be helpful across other platforms, such as social media, blog posts and landing pages.

With people having an average attention span of just eight seconds, explainer videos are a great way to cut through the noise and keep viewers engaged. An
excellent explainer video script and sharply-shot video can make your video stand out from the crowd and get audiences to make a buying decision.

Customer testimonial Videos

A customer testimonial video with Infabode

There’s nothing better than a recommendation, especially when it comes from previous customers who have used your business and loved the results. Many companies have a testimonials page on their website but tend to use a quote from a customer with just a couple of sentences that don’t really delve into the experience.

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With a customer testimonial video, you can
market your business in a way that engages audiences and increases sales. Videos are more personable than reading text as you’re watching a live version of someone providing their opinion. You can implement a testimonial to showcase the value of your product or service in video review form, adding more vibrancy to the testimonial than if it were written text.

Looking for support with testimonial video production? Get in contact with the Small Films team.

Branded content

Branded videos are sometimes referred to as corporate films or “company story videos”, and they help sell the idea of your brand. They typically last between one and three minutes and convey the culture and essence of your brand, helping people buy into the core ethos that your business stands for.

A well-shot branded video can help customers become more familiar with your business while condensing the company USP into an easily understandable message. The best-branded films often have excellent narration or tell a story using interviews. Regardless of the approach, the goal should always be the same: give your customers a clear snapshot of your business in the quickest, simplest and least confusing way possible.

How-to videos

If you think there might be confusion overusing your product or service, a how-to video can give customers the insight they need to get the most out of your offering. These videos are informational and focus on ensuring that customers are clear on using your services.

A how-to video Small Films produced for Plenish

A food and beverage brand might use a how-to video to create recipes, while a software company could use them to show people how to open an account and use the service. While these videos are informational in their nature, they also do a good job from a marketing perspective. That’s because you’re giving customers free content while providing genuine value.

Ecommerce videos

Any company that sells its product online needs great product videos. This type of content is for point-of-purchase designed to help people make faster buying decisions. They sell items while giving shoppers valuable information about a product.

A product video we shot for Aldi

A great eCommerce video tells the product’s story, targets the right audience, showcases a brand’s identity and taps into the buyer’s emotions. The best video production companies use all of these elements along with excellent story-telling techniques to drive sales with high-end e-commerce videos.

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Bonus: video marketing tips

A great video production service company goes one step further than creating excellent content. They also provide marketing tips, advising you on the best way to utilise the final product and get as much as possible out of the video.

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They will be able to give you advice on how to market the video, from advertising on platforms like YouTube to how to break videos up into segments and use them on different platforms. Ultimately, a video production company will create top-notch content – but they’ll also have expertise in helping you make that content a success.

Growing your business with video production

The best video production companies can film different types of content, offering you a range of services to grow your business in the process. All that’s left for you to do is find one that’s a good fit and get working on video content that will increase your bottom line.

If you’re looking for video production services in London and more, get in touch with Small Films. We’ll help you realise your video ambitions for your business.