Product videos are an excellent way to showcase your product in action, helping you to stand out from the competition by giving an up-close look at the benefits and features of your product.  Contact us to create a product video for your brand. 

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Product videos will help you convert your target audience

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Build Trust

Include product videos on your e-commerce platform to help viewers believe in your product and trust your brand

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Inform Your Audience

A good product video will highlight all the features and benefits of your product, informing viewers of why they should buy

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Boost E-Commerce Sales

The more a customer understands how they can use your product, the more they’re likely to buy your product.

How to use your product video

On your website’s product page

Place your video clearly on your website’s product page. This will help your audience to be better informed, and boost your product sales.

In advertising and customer communications

Use product video content in your ads and customer communications and you’ll see a big increase of leads to your site.

At point of purchase on 3rd party retailers

Don’t blend in. Make your product stand out versus your competitors on 3rd party retailer sites with a video that highlights all its best features.

Check out some of our Product Video work


This product video for Kaelo explains the integrated wine cooler in a concise way so retailers can communicate its value

Sock Shop

Sock Shop want us all to feel happy from the feet up. We helped them communicate their message with this film.


This film shows heritage brand, Everhot’s commitment to environment and sustainability.

Working with a Product Video Production Company

At Small Films we will take your product and make it the hero of the film. We’ll work closely with you to understand your marketing objectives and we’ll create a style of video that best suits your product and your brand.  We’ll write scripts and storyboards that highlight all the cool features and benefits of your product and then film your product in action, either in our London studio or we’ll source locations that will best suit your product. Then our highly experienced team will film with the latest camera equipment, capturing high quality footage of your product. We’ll then edit it, add animation if required and deliver you a final video that makes your product sing. 

We’ll help you deliver a video
marketing strategy and activation plan

We can then support how you amplify your product video, making sure that you achieve your desired objectives. We can help craft your video marketing strategy so that your product video content cuts through the noise. We can also help you push your product video out to your target audience using a variety of digital marketing techniques such as Facebook and Instagram advertising or influencer marketing. 

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If you are looking for a product video production company then do get in touch, as we would love to help.