With their new range of juicy protein waters, Upbeat wanted to launch the product in a summer campaign. They were looking for maximum eyeballs on this tasty beverage and an uplift in sales as well!

Tipi Group helped us develop a creative strategy that would allow our video content to reach as many people as possible for the lowest possible cost. Through gaining an understanding of the client’s product, business/sales approach and customer base, we were able to come up with engaging videos which resonated well with the audience while driving traffic towards retail stores where they could buy the product being advertised.

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In a campaign lasting six weeks, our three video ad formats helped them secure 2.2 million online views and 4.5 million impressions across Facebook/Instagram and YouTube videos, as well as Digital Display billboards in London, including outside key Sainsbury’s locations. And not only did their sales go up 140%, but they also saw an increased ROS of 30% at Sainsbury’s.

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