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At Small Films we offer animation as part of our core services. Animation is a great way to bring your business to life and can be a highly striking, creative way to draw attention to your brand. If you are thinking about creating some animation for your brand then why not contact us. 

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Some of styles you can choose from:

Stick men on a wall

Character Animation

Animation in its purest form where we illustrate bespoke characters and bring them to life.

Mixed Media

Combining photos, videos and bespoke motion graphics can create a striking style of animation.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes the simplest forms of animations are when you use motion graphics to tell a story.

What are the benefits of animation?

Animation is a fantastic way of bringing a subject to life, particularly when there is an absence of things to film. It is a colourful, vibrant and striking which helps you stand out in the online space. Complex subjects can be explained very simply, broad stories can be distilled without fuss and creating a global feel for your video can be done without expensive foreign film shoots. Industries in the banking, medical, insurance and Fintech sectors find animation particularly useful in explaining what they do but food brands, charities and education also often turn to animation for specific objectives.

With animation, its important to understand the varied creative styles that you can take from character animation to mixed media. Think about the style that best represents your business and the style that will resonate best with your customers. Look around for examples that you like and use this as a basis for kickstarting any project. It’s also very important know your budget as these type of projects need to be very careful scoped out.

Some of our animated videos


We brought their homepage to life with bespoke animation featuring a butterfly transitioning between their core values.


This video helps to explain Nextbase Dashcam’s SOS feature which calls emergency services when you have an accident.

Tilda Rice

This mixed media piece features still photography, animated illustration and movement to tell the story of mum’s in need of proper nutrition.

The Different Styles of Animation

When you think of animation, you probably immediately imagine a “cartoon character” doing something on the screen. This is just one approach that you could take with your project. But there are many other styles of animation that can do different things for your business.

Character Animation

This involves the creation of cartoon characters to tell the story. This is animation in its most simple form. Normally in 2D (two dimensions) on a flat canvas, character animation can be both stylish and highly creative.

3D Animation

This technique becomes more complex as you begin to design worlds in three dimensions. With this style, you can begin to create complex elements and realistic textures. These animations tend to be more advanced and have bigger impact.

Mixed Media

Animation doesn’t need to be done in isolation. You can add it to live filmed footage or other assets such as photographs. By combining a variety of different mediums, you can create something really exciting that has a very unique style.

Motion Graphics

One option to create an animation that can convey a story in a simple way is to focus on purely using motion graphics rather than designing a character. For example, an infographic could be brought to life with movement and energy through animating different elements.

At Small Films, we love to sink our teeth into animation projects because it means we can get really creative. We draw on an extended team of specialist animators so we can design in any style you want. So if you are thinking about creating an animation then feel free to give us a call.

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