A Food Videography and Food and Drink Marketing Agency

Food and drink are some of the most challenging subjects to capture on film. We leverage our years of experience and a network of specialists to create mouth-watering shots that will make your products fly off the shelf. Find out more about our food videography services. 

Give your customers a flavour of your products with mouth-watering content

Food Videography

Bring your food or drink products to life with mouth-watering video.

Food Photography

Capture a moment with tasteful and eye-catching imagery.

Animation/Motion Graphics

Enhance the appeal of your food and drink content with bespoke visual effects. 

Food Content Marketing

Video and photography offer food and drink marketers one of the best opportunities to promote their products. At Small Films, not only do we create high-quality content to show-off your brand, but we help you to get that content seen by the right audience.

In a single shoot, we can create a suite of films, photos and other assets to use across social media and other channels. Then through paid media on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube we can increase your reach.

Video marketing outperforms all other marketing tactics and can increase the performance of your paid media campaigns whilst also reducing your costs.

Examples of our Food Videography


Recipe videos for a Veganuary collaboration.

Charlie Bigham

A Facebook and Instagram campaign to raise awareness for Charlie’s products.

Tilda Rice

In collaboration with The World Food Programme. Getting nutrition to mothers in need.

A Food and Drink Marketing Agency

We specialise in creating content for the food and drink sector which brings huge benefits to our clients. We have a large amount of experience in this industry, understand the common challenges that food marketers experience and the results they are looking for. We also have a network of specialists and other food mad creatives that we can call on to get the best from our projects.

When it comes to food video production and photography we really know our stuff. Some of the team members and facilities we can bring to bear include:

– Film directors specialising in creating content for food and beverage brands.

– Food videographers and photographers with a specialist food background.

– Other specialist crew including food stylists, food economists, set designers and art directors.

– Copywriters + Recipe Content creators

– A network of food filming studios across London with trade discounts that we pass on to our clients.

– Facebook/Instagram Ads specialists and media buyers with experience in F&B campaigns.

– Influencers that are specifically relevant for F&B brands.

– Partnerships and collaborations with Native advertising platforms like Tasty.

We have a team of excellent food videographers able to support projects big or small. If you’d like to chat through your food or drink video then contact the team.

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