Testimonial videos are a great way to not only demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service but also build a connection with your potential customers. After all, who better to sell a product than the customers who have used it and had success with it? Let’s take a look at how you can use different types of testimonial videos to create maximum impact. 

The Traditional Testimonial Video 

A testimonial video from the Small Films team for Everhot

This is usually the most common type of testimonial video. It involves having someone explain why they love your product and how it has helped them in some way. These types of videos can be used as part of an ad campaign, on social media, or even on your website or blog. To make sure that the traditional testimonial video stands out from other similar videos, consider making it more visual by adding b-roll footage of people using your product or service. This helps give viewers something interesting to look at while they hear about how great your company is! 

Employee Testimonial Video

Employee testimonial videos are one of the best ways for businesses to demonstrate first-hand what it’s like to work there. They offer a personal insight into life in the workplace and showcase real employees who benefit from the company culture and environment. As well as being a great way to build trust and credibility, they can also be used to point out specific areas in which a business excels so prospective employees know they’re making the right decision when joining.

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The Interview Testimonial Video 

This type of video takes the traditional testimonial video one step further by allowing you to ask questions and dive deeper into what makes your product or service unique. You can use this type of video for longer format content, such as webinars or longer blog posts. It’s also perfect for social media platforms like Instagram stories, where you want to provide more detail about why customers love what you do and why they should choose you over competitors. 

The “Behind The Scenes” Testimonial Video 

This type of testimonial video is perfect for showing off what goes on behind the scenes when creating your product or service. Customers will get a chance to see how their favourites are made, as well as get an insider view into how you work and interact with each other. This helps create an emotional connection between customers and your brand that will last long after they watch the video. Plus, these types of videos are also great for organic reach since people love getting an inside look at businesses they support! 

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Watch our Founder, George, discuss the power of testimonial videos

There are plenty of ways to use testimonial videos to help boost sales and engagement with potential customers. Whether you opt for a traditional testimonial video that focuses on direct customer feedback or go for something more creative such as “behind the scenes” content, there’s no denying that using videos in your marketing strategy can help increase conversions and drive sales growth. So if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to start leveraging this powerful tool!

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