Are you considering creating a customer testimonial or employee testimonial video and are stumped about what to ask them? The questions you ask are key to helping you paint the right picture of your product or service, so it’s important to map out the questions prior to filming. We also suggest sharing the testimonial questions first with your customer or employee so they can better prepare their answers before filming. If you’d like support with your customer testimonial video, then the Small Films team are well-versed in shooting excellent videos that help you convert leads. Just drop us a line to discuss.  

Customer Testimonial Questions


1. What do you do in your role, and how does that fit with (insert company name)

A great way to find out a little bit more about your customer’s job role and how it fits within your company structure

2. Who do you currently work with in our company?

Highlight the great work done by one of your colleagues and have your customer call out who they work with in your team. 

3. What service does our company provide to you?

Your company might provide a range of services. By honing in on the solution you provide for this particular customer, you can help viewers to understand better how you might be able to help them. 

4. How long have you been working with (insert company name)?

Has your client been working with you for six months or ten years? Paint a picture of how your relationship might have evolved across the years.  

5. Can you give us an example of a great experience you had with (insert company name)

This is the perfect time for your customer to sing your praises about one of their top experiences with your service/product. 

6. When did you first discover our business?

Has your customer been working with you for years, or are they a new addition to your client roster? This will help paint the picture for viewers of the history of your relationship.   

7. How did you discover (insert company name)?

Was your business recommended to your customer by another customer? Did they find you through Google? Or did they follow you on social media? 

8. Why did you choose our product/service over others?

What sets your product/service apart from other competitors? Were there particular elements of your product that shone above other choices? 

9. What do you feel makes our business unique?

Do you offer exceptional service above your competitors? Is your company second to none? Do you go above and beyond every time? 

10. Describe how we currently work with you and your business?

Is it a close partnership where you are an extension of your customer’s team? Have your customer explain the structure of how they work with your business. 

11. How would you describe the quality of the work our team has performed for you?

Does your team always produce top-quality work that goes above and beyond? This is a great chance for your customer to describe your company’s performance since working with you.

12. Are there any examples of where we have exceeded your expectations?

Hopefully throughout your partnership there will have been times when your customer feels that you exceeded their expectations. This question really helps to demonstrate where you have gone above and beyond. 

13. What was your #1 problem when you came to us for help?

What was your customer’s challenge when they sourced your solution? Really delve deep into how they struggled prior to finding you. This will help prospects watching to understand better if you can help them solve their challenges too. 

14. What specific feature of our product/service do you find the most valuable?

Do your video production services enable your customer to convert more leads? Do your 3D renders as an architecture firm help clients visualise the end goal? Have your customer call out the specifics of your service that is most valuable to them.  

15. How was your experience working with our time during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic was a huge challenge for all companies, whether dealing with overwhelming amounts of business or orders drying up. Have your customer explain how your company was able to service them throughout the pandemic to help demonstrate what your business is like under pressure.  

16. What would you tell someone who wants to use our services?

A loyal customer can be your greatest salesman. Have your customer explain what it is about your business that means they continue to use your services. 

17. Describe in detail how your business has benefited from using our product/service?

This is a great opportunity for your customer to go into much greater depth about the benefits of working with your company.  

18. How different is our product/service from others?

Do you offer a unique service? Are your products second to none? Have your customer detail how your product/service stands out compared to your competitors. 

19. How did you find the onboarding process?

Future customers might love what you do, but the thought of moving over to another company from their current supplier feels too much of a hassle. By drawing on the ease of onboarding with you, this will remove any barriers the customer has to signing up. 

20. How is our company aligned with the values of your business?

A company’s values are increasingly more important in how a prospect might choose a supplier. Is sustainability front and centre in your business? Do you have a strong focus on D&I? Is company culture a big focus element?  

21. What are the significant challenges you face as a business?

By having your customer describe the pain points they have as a business, they can help better position your company as solving that pain point. Do they struggle to find talent and your recruitment services solve this?  

22. What is the best thing about working with (insert company name)

Hopefully, your customer may have a variety of great reasons why they enjoy working with you, but if they can pick just one of their favourites, it will help sell your services to the audience. 

23. What makes you continue to choose (insert company name)?

Over the years, have you built an excellent relationship? So much so that your customer can’t imagine going anywhere else? Is your product offering the best on the market? This is a great question for your customer to explain why your business is better than your competitors?

24. What makes you happiest about working with our company?

Does your customer always have great meetings at your office? Do they have excellent trust in your team? Do they love coming to events you run? There’s likely an array of elements that your company does that make your customers happy to work with you. 

25. Talk us through any great achievements since working with our company

Has your customer received marketing services that have had their products fly off the shelves? Does the IT support from your company allow them to have seamless processes? Or 

26. If you only had one word to describe our business, what would it be?

Whilst this might put your customer on the spot, it’s a brilliant way to impactfully get across in one word the best thing about your business.

27. Have there been any unexpected benefits of working with (insert company name)?

Did your customer come to you expecting great service but then also received time-saving benefits? Or did they build a great partnership where either party brings new business to the other?

28. Has our product/service saved you any time or money?

If the answer is yes, then this is a HUGE selling point for your company. Most customers are looking to save time or money (or most likely both), so if you can explain this to your audience, this could be a great way to push a future customer to convert. 


Employee testimonial questions


work colleagues looking at laptop


1. How long have you been employed by (insert company name)?

Is your employee new to the company, or have they been there for twenty years? This will help to build a background picture of their familiarity with your brand.

2. How did you discover our company?

Were they head-hunted? Did they avidly watch your company until an opening came up, or did a fellow colleague recommend them?

3. Why did you choose to go into this industry?

Is your brand in a particular industry that everyone wants to work in? Is it known as an industry that works hard and plays hard? Or is it a hugely well-respected industry that involves significant academic qualifications? Paint the picture of the selling points of your company’s industry. 

4. Which department are you in?

IT? HR? Sales? Again, build that picture of how your employee sits within the business. 

5. Where is your job located?

Do you have a Head Office in Manchester, or are you based in Berlin? Is it hybrid, virtual or only office-based?  

6. Describe your job role at (insert company name)

This is a great question to go deeper into what your employee does day-to-day. This will really help viewers visualise what they might do if they were in a similar position. Try to have your employee give as much detail as possible with this question. 

7. How many days a week do you work at (insert company name)

Does your employee work part-time or full-time? Does your company now offer a four day work week? This question will give an insight into the flexibility of your business. 

8. Do you work remotely or in the office or a bit of both?

In today’s environment, flexible working is a big sell for future employees. If your employee works from home and in the office, this can be a great selling point for talent coming into the business. 

9. Can you describe what you do on a typical day?

A day in the life at your company. Are there creative workshops? Coffee breaks? Meetings with suppliers? Learning breaks? A description of a typical day is a brilliant way for a future employee to understand what life is like working at your company. 

10. What do you most look forward to when you come to work?

It’s so important to get across how happy your employees are to come to work. They might have formed excellent friendships with colleagues or have great job satisfaction. They might be in roles where they feel that they’re always learning? 

11. Has your job role changed since you’ve been with us?

Are job promotions far and few between, or is there excellent career growth throughout the company? 

12. Could you tell us about a recent project that you worked on

Projects and campaigns will vary from company to company, so this will help future employees understand the types of projects they might work on if they were working for your company. 

13. How would you describe us if you had three words to describe (insert company name)?

This question is short and sweet but likely to have an impactful answer. 

14. Why is it important to you to work where you do?

Your company might have fantastic brand awareness or be well known for charitable initiatives. Perhaps employees resonate with the company because there is a fantastic CEO in place. 

15. Are there any benefits of working here that not many people know about?

Are there any hidden benefits that aren’t spoken about often? Cycle to work schemes? Birthday bunk-offs? Beer on a Friday? Benefits are increasingly outweighing salaries when it comes to enticing talent to start with a company.  

16. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned whilst doing your job?

A great selling point for new talent is how much they might learn if they work with your company. By an employee explaining in the testimonial everything they’ve learnt in their role, they’ll help inspire viewers to work with your company. 

17. Describe the people that work at (insert company)

Is the company full of creatives? Are they a bunch of foodies? Maybe the team is big into cycling? By describing what the team is like, future employees can identify whether their interests might align with the team.  

18. How would you describe the company culture at (insert company)?

Company culture is one of the most important elements when choosing whether you want to take a job role. Some might prefer a creative culture, whilst others prefer a work-hard, play-hard environment. 

19. Outside of your job role, what do you enjoy at (insert company name)?

Does the company have a netball team, or do they have a great social committee? Let viewers know what goes on at your company beyond the day-to-day role. 

20. How would you describe the career progression at (insert company name)?

Career progression is such an important part of a job role that you want to make sure that it’s clear that this is the company’s focus. Have your employee explain in what role they started, where they are now and how long it’s taken them to get there. 

21. Do you envisage working for (insert company name) for many more years?

Hopefully, the answer is a yes. Suppose viewers feel that an employee gets everything they need from an employer, including flexibility, career growth and company culture, that they wouldn’t want to move on. In that case, this is a huge selling point for future talent.  

22. Is it easy to make friends at (insert company name)?

A huge part of working at a company is the friendships you might make along the way. At your company, are there social committees or after-work drinks that help colleagues form friendships? 

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