Founded in 2007, BrewDog has been one of those brands that just exploded from the offset. A beer company that’s not afraid to try and test its marketing strategies, they’re frequently in the press for their bold marketing campaigns. Whilst sometimes they’ve been known to miss the mark, what they do well is innovative video content. Creating a mix of UGC, brand films, Reels and product videos, they’ve created that perfect blend of engaging and impactful films. In this article, we look at how they’ve strengthened their brand with a creative video marketing strategy. 

Marketing their sustainable values

BrewDog has always been very vocal about how sustainability is front and centre for their business. They communicate this in a variety of ways, from PR to advertising campaigns and through video content. Take their video content on their Planet Pale beer. Mixing video footage from Scotland with motion graphics, it’s a snappy but effective film showcasing their mission for a greener future. 

Position themselves as global

BrewDog cleverly creates Reels content to highlight the best things to do in cities across the globe. They do this by capturing their employees on camera chatting about their favourite things to do in their home city. Cut in with footage of their bar in that location, it’s also a fantastic way to build awareness of the fact they’re a beer brand serving multiple global locations. 

Seasonal video marketing

This year BrewDog are going big on Christmas. By September, spoilers were going out about their advent calendars. To market their calendars, they’ve mixed up their video content, producing the more ‘rustic’ style Reels content through to more cinematic style video marketing pieces. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeve as we get closer to Christmas.  

Engaging competitions

BrewDog is the king of creating content that has its audience engaging with them. A great example of this is their #MakeMyBeer challenge, where they ask their followers to create ideas for their next beer. They bring this to life with behind-the-scenes content and interviews with their brewers. 

Behind-the-scenes content

With over 100 bars across the globe, BrewDog is always expanding into new territories. They’ve created impactful, tongue-in-cheek video content showing behind-the-scenes at their bars. A great way to show how their bars aren’t just standard spaces for a drink, but they go that extra mile. They haven’t gone down the route of shooting on an iPhone; instead, these are high-production pieces that get great engagement.  

YouTube Shorts

On their YouTube channel, they’ve curated some great content, from tasting sessions to the BrewDog Show. Tapping into company culture, they’ve also created a ‘Meet the Team’ series – a great way to understand different job roles in the beer business. For those looking for a more ‘try before you buy’ experience, their tasting notes content is a great view – guiding viewers on what to expect from their beers before they make a purchase. It’s not all serious stuff on there either, with content like ‘brewing beer on a bike in cognac’ or ‘are you smarter than a drunk person’. 

Curated brand collaborations

One of the areas BrewDog go big on is brand collaborations. One of these is their Candy Kittens collab, where they created a bright pink beer with notes of guava and raspberry. Marketing this collaboration, they used a variety of types of videos, from interviews with Candy Kittens Founder Jamie Laing to funny Reels and outtakes.

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