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The Importance of Video for B2B Marketing

In today’s digital era, your content could make or break your B2B marketing efforts. We have seen an enormous shift in B2B marketing over the past decade, and these days, companies are operating in a world driven by technology.

It is now just as essential to keep on top of your social media marketing to attract new B2B clients, as phoning up prospective clients was ten or twenty years ago. In a fast-paced world where your potential clients may be working across different time zones, it can also be much easier to reach your target audience with well-crafted interactive multimedia marketing.

It’s easy to see just how much the face of B2B has changed with business websites and social media looking more like B2C. You only need to take one look at to see how they are tapping into B2B customers increasingly thinking like B2C consumers – with storytelling to deliver their message.

B2B businesses deliver their message in several different ways, with explainer videos, video demonstrations, and filmed customer interviews and testimonials leading the way.

Using video to engage with B2B clients

B2B marketers understand that they need to find new ways to catch the attention and engage with prospective new clients. They must plan to incorporate interactive marketing and act more like publishers, focusing on producing high-quality, engaging content.

Video is an effective tool for B2B marketers to create content for building the brand and engaging with their potential B2B clients. We live in a world where content is king, and video marketing featuring the right content will grab your target’s attention for a much longer duration. Good quality, concise video content that your audience finds engaging can deliver them with a time-saving solution that answers all their questions without the need to go looking for more information.

How to make winning video content

Most businesses only dedicate around 10 per cent of their marketing budget to content marketing campaigns that include video marketing. A missed trick, when you consider that video content can be easily shared and promoted via social media, earning you inbound links and free publicity.

B2B video marketing is a powerful way to bring honesty and transparency to your business helping to build trust. When a company sees the people behind the business or gets an inside glimpse of your operation, it can make your business look like a more attractive partner.

If you don’t know where to start with B2B video marketing, it can help to work with an industry professional such as Small Films. We create innovative, high-quality, compelling corporate videos that bring B2B businesses to life using film.

People now spend at least 100 minutes online every day watching videos. The question for brands isn’t whether they should make video content, but which type of videos they should film. For many, the idea of an animated video is appealing, as it provides no limits when it comes to creativity. But should your business implement animated videos in its marketing efforts? We’ve got the lowdown with everything you need to know about animated videos, including the different types and their benefits.  If you’d like support with creating an animated video, then do get in contact with the Small Films team. 

What is an animation video?

An animated video features original designs, drawings, illustrations or computer-generated effects designed with several artistic styles. Pixar is perhaps the most famous animation studio in the world, but you don’t need to make big-budget films to reap the benefits of animation. 

Using animation marketing, your brand can strike a chord with audiences thanks to its ability to capture the imagination. By placing a video into a broader marketing campaign, you can promote your brand with some serious visual flair. 

Videos using animation are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and are often used for different types of content. From animated product explainer videos to animated case studies, there are a variety of ways you can supercharge your marketing efforts with animated videos. 

What are the benefits of animation videos?

Animated videos are particularly suited to modern media, as they offer a unique method of providing information in an entertaining way. You can use voiceovers, custom visual aids and visual metaphors all at once, turning complicated scenarios into easily digestible content that’s clear and concise. 

A Small Films animation for

It’s also easier to make animated videos reflect your brand, something that is imminently more difficult to achieve in other types of marketing. You can personalise the content, from the colour scheme to the aesthetics and include elements like your logo without any hassle. It’s even possible to conjure up animated characters to reflect your brand, giving your business a fun and emotive type of marketing strategy. 

>> Read our blog on ‘5 reasons why you should use animated explainer videos’

Expect the costs involved with animated videos to be lower than if you used real actors. They are often simpler to produce than live-action videos, meaning the resources required keep budgets down. The animator can create the world you envisage on a computer without restraint. For a short piece of content, you’ll likely pay significantly less than a live video. 

Different types of animation videos

Animated explainer videos

Explainer videos come in many forms, including animated versions. They’re typically shorter videos designed to explain a product or service quickly and get your USP across. B2B companies often use animated explainer videos as they’re an accessible and fun way to show off products and services that may otherwise struggle to excite.

Emily Crisps crowdfunding video featuring animation

Whiteboard animation

With a whiteboard animation video, you can take complicated concepts and draw them out step by step. Doing so allows you to provide the viewer with a clear way to digest information. It’s also a concept people are familiar with, so the chances of capturing their attention is higher than other types of videos.  

Live-action/animation mix

There may be times when you feel it’s necessary to create a live-action video and include animation elements. These types of videos are more common in feature films than brand marketing, but it’s still something worth exploring. They tend to be successful because they combine the familiarity of live-action with the imagination of animation. 

Motion graphics

Motion graphic animations are another handy way for companies to showcase complex products and services, such as in the tech industry. The clever use of moving graphics helps illustrate a message through colourful, dynamic and vivid content. 

3D animation

Using 3D animation makes it easier for some audiences to engage. The action can rotate around and zoom in and out, allowing for a more immersive feel. Out of all of the video animation types, 3D animation can be one of the most expensive to create. 

Stop Motion Video Style

Stop Motion Video Style uses a specific animation and implements a technique of photographing an object as it’s moved slightly. The result is the illusion of motion when played in real-time. 

Animated case study

Case studies are a great way to give people more information about your company using real-world examples. Many case studies are written, but a growing number are appearing in video form and making use of animation to enhance the content. An animated case study may be one of the few times you combine live-action shots with animation. 

Other types of animation videos

  • 2D animation
  • 5D animation
  • Typography
  • Screencast video style
  • Rotoscope animation
  • Plexus video animation
  • Cut-out animation
  • HUD Animation
  • Mechanical Video Animation

>> Want to create an animated video? Get in touch with the team at Small Films. 

How to find a video animation company

First and foremost, you want to work with a video animation company that has a track record. Ask to see samples of their work and schedule a chat where you can get a better idea about how they work.

Be clear about your needs, eg turnover times, the type of video you want and your budget. That way the video animation company provides an indication of the scope of the work and everything required. 

Don’t be afraid to ask around either. Speak to contacts to see if they’ve worked with animation companies before and ask if they have any recommendations. You can also talk to us here at Small Films, and we can help bring your video animation concept to life.

Final words: another world with animation

Using video animation to market your products and services to customers can add another dynamic to your brand. An animated video offers you the chance to think outside the box and create a video that is intriguing and enquiring about your business. 

Looking for a video production company? At Small Films we create great films for awesome brands. Contact us to see how we can help.

Ever Googled something and clicked on a video in the search results? That’s an example of a video that’s been optimised for search. So many companies spend precious time and ££ on creating SEO blogs, but when it comes to their video content, they’re quickly posting a video on YouTube and forgetting to optimise it.  

So how do I get my video to show on search results? Top tip number one. Make sure your video deserves to rank. The bottom line is that if your video is poorly produced or unengaging, then however well it’s optimised, it won’t rank on Google/YouTube. For all other tips on SEO for videos on YouTube and Google, then read our blog below. The Small Films team are champions at creating videos that convert – Do get in contact if we can help.   

Perform keyword research
for your video

Keyword research is the backbone of your video ranking on Google/YouTube.  In layman’s terms keyword research is the process of finding out the words that someone inputs into Google or YouTube when they’re looking for content on a particular topic. By tapping into what people search, it will help you understand how to label your video. When performing keyword research, it’s essential to understand the intent behind the search. For example, someone searching for ‘video production’ might be looking for content to help them write a blog, whereas someone searching ‘video production services in London’ is likely looking to buy. 

Start off by brainstorming the topics related to your video’s content, i.e 

  • Video marketing strategies
  • Video marketing tips
  • Social media video content

Then once you have a long list, start to type the terms directly into Google and YouTube’s search bar. The search engines will make suggestions as you type, and so add these suggestions to your growing list. 

youtube search bar

The reason YouTube and Google’s suggested terms are so effective is that they’re what people are actually typing into YouTube.

Now check what videos are coming up when you Google the keywords. This helps you to understand what types of searches Google is showing videos for. 

Once you have collated all the potential keywords from your list, you need to narrow them down.

>> Need our help producing a video and marketing it? The Small Films team has created hundreds of awesome films for brands. Give us a bell 

Once you have your bumper list of keywords then use an SEO tool to discover the search volume and keyword difficulty for the phrases. 

There are lots of SEO tools to choose from, and whilst most charge top dollar, a few of them do offer free trials. Our pick of the best tools on the market are


Then balance each keywords search volume with the SEO difficulty. In the screenshot above ‘tips for video marketing’, whilst it has less search volume than ‘video marketing tips’, it has a much easier keyword difficulty – this would therefore be a sensible keyword to target.  

Video SEO Best Practices

Once you have finalised your target keyword/s, then it’s time to start following the video SEO best practices to help support your video to rank.  

Optimise the title of your video for your keywords

When naming your video, ensure that you use the keywords in the title whilst also ensuring that it sounds like click-worthy content. So don’t go dry like ‘video marketing tips’, instead opt for ‘8 killer tips for video marketing for 2022’.  

Write a video description designed to attract clicks

The description is an essential part of helping your video rank, as it describes to Google and YouTube the context of what your video is about. 

Aim to use your keywords within the first section of your description and repeat 2 – 4 times throughout. The description will help to boost your CTR and the more clicks, the higher Google / YouTube will serve your video up the rankings.  

Design a custom thumbnail for your video

Custom thumbnails are a super-effective way to drive a better CTR (click-through-rate). They help users to know at a quick glance what your video is about – so in turn, you’re more likely to click on it.  Design sites like are a great resource for easy-to-use templates for YouTube thumbnails. Google recommends a resolution size of 1,280 x 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels)

Check out HubSpot’s YouTube as an example of custom thumbnails done well. 

hubspot youtube thumbnails

Save your custom thumbnail with the primary keyword in the title 

Don’t fall into that well-known trap of saving your thumbnail as 43890.jpg. Instead title the thumbnail with your primary keywords, i.e how_to_create_a_social_media_strategy.jpg.  

Have a strong call to action for viewers to subscribe to your channel

If a viewer watches your video then subscribes to your channel, this sends a signal to YouTube that the viewer has most likely enjoyed your video. This is a fantastic way to help your videos move up the search rankings. So what’s the easiest way to make this happen? Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to hit that subscribe button. Add this ask to your script, include a CTA at the end of the video or add it as part of your video description. These are all easy ways to help build those valuable subscribers.  

Use your target keyword in your script

YouTube will automatically transcribe your video, so if you use your target keywords in your script, then YouTube will pick up on this. If you want to make sure that YouTube has 100% correctly transcribed, then take advantage of the option to upload your transcript.

Then promote the hell out of it (helping to secure those coveted backlinks)

Once you have your video uploaded and optimised for SEO, then make sure to promote it – this brings in an audience and helps to signal to YouTube that viewers want to watch it. 

Top ways to promote your video

  • Write an optimised blog on the topic and embed your video
  • Push it out on your social media channels
  • Produce an email campaign
  • Write a guest post that points to the video
  • Promote with social media ads
  • Link to the video in other YouTube video descriptions 

Nail your audience retention and engagement

YouTube can understand how much an audience is engaged with a video by how long they stay watching. If a viewer clicks off a video within a minute and looks for a new video to answer their challenge, then YouTube recognises that as low audience retention. 

>> Need help with your video content? Have a chat with our team at Small Films

How much a user is engaging with the content is also a ranking factor. Is the content so good it gathers likes, shares and comments? Or is the content racking up the thumb down emojis? Encourage viewers in your video script to interact with the content if they like it. 

Video SEO Checklist

  • Do keyword research
  • Optimise the title of your video for key search terms 
  • Name the video file with your primary keyword
  • Write a description designed to attract clicks. Use your keyword within the description
  • Design a custom thumbnail, helping to show users what the video is about to help CTR
  • Save the custom thumbnail with the primary keyword 
  • Upload your transcript to YouTube 
  • Promote your video across digital marketing channels
  • Create backlinks to your videos
  • Nail your audience retention and engagement

We’re a video production company in London that has been creating films for years. If you’re looking for support with a video for your brand, then do give us a shout. We’d love to help.

In an era where we are surrounded by limitless content, how do brands continue to stand out on social media and create those ‘thumb-stopping’ moments? When designing videos for social, we need to consider how the user consumes content. Are they scrolling TikTok on the bus? Watching a quick how-to video in between meetings? Or are they relaxing on the sofa watching a vlog from their favourite influencer? These examples tap into the three types of consumer behaviour. On-the-go – a short attention span with what they’re watching. Lean Forward – More actively engaged with the video, likely to comment or share the content. Lean Back – Watching in a planned environment, with a longer attention span.    

By matching your video content on your social channels to your users’ three states, you’ll make better connections with your audience. They’ll choose the content that complements whether they’re on-the-go, leaning forward or leaning back – helping to keep your voice heard in a crowded marketplace.   

Types of on-the-go video content

6 – 15 second Facebook/Instagram/YouTube adverts
Instagram reels
Instagram story

Small Film’s 6 second Facebook advert for Mackie’s ice cream

Designing creatives for on-the-go moments

  • Keep it a short (under 1 minute) impactful video that captures attention quickly. 
  • Design for vertical or square – people rarely turn their phone sideways when on-the-go and landscape ratio videos don’t take up as much space in their social feed. 
  • Establish the context upfront and grab their attention as quickly as possible.
  • Integrate branding in the first 3 seconds.
  • Deliver your message in 10 seconds or less.

Types of lean forward content

Explainer videos
How-to videos
Behind the scenes

Designing creatives for lean forward moments

  • Design for sound on and off.
  • Deliver your message in the first minute.
  • Include CTAs where necessary.
  • Be succinct and to the point.
  • Take your viewers on a quick journey using concise storytelling.

Types of lean back content

Live broadcasts
Instagram Live
Documentary-style videos
Long-form branded content
YouTube shorts

Designing creatives for lean back content

  • Create stories that resonate.
  • Design for sound-on.
  • Design for horizontal viewing.
  • Indulge the audience with great storytelling.

Thanks to smartphones, you can now reach your customers wherever they are 24/7 – and there’s no better platform to do that than social media. Remember that your customers won’t always be in the right frame of mind to engage in your video content. That’s why it’s essential to have a mix of different content of different lengths and styles that they can enjoy, whatever they are doing. So whether they are time poor and want a quick video fix or whether they are ready to indulge in some long-form video content, you can provide them with the right videos to excite and delight them. 

If you would like support creating a video for your social channels then do get in contact with the Small Films team – we’d love to help. 

Animation is such a powerful tool for your business. When it comes to creating engaging content, using animation is a solid investment for your company. At Small Films, we’ve been delivering animations for years and have seen the incredible success these styles of films bring to brands.

Our modern culture turns to the internet when we need to learn. Don’t know how to do something? Somebody out there must have made a video about it, right? The videos we consume to understand a particular product or service better are called explainer videos. They’re an awesome way to give your audience quick information and present yourself as an expert in your field. They also help to gain people’s trust – so your company will be regarded with increased confidence.

Nobody wants to be confronted with a wall of text explaining why your company has a good culture and ethics or that your protein water is the best in the business. Instead, an animated explainer video allows people to understand who you are with minimal effort. Because, let’s face it, people don’t have the time to actively learn about who you are; they want to be spoon-fed with valuable information.

So, what exactly is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video will describe your product or service through animation. This might be via 2D, 3D, character animation or motion graphics and will be a way to show the benefits of your offering concisely. Animation is so powerful because it can explain complex ideas simply, without the need for expensive film shoots or long-distance travel. Check out our extended blog on ‘what is an animated explainer video’ to learn more about this film style.

Watch the animated product explainer video we did for Blossm


5 reasons why you should use animated explainer videos:

● They show a problem and a solution

A consumer wants to know how you can solve their problem. If a video can show a linear narrative in which somebody relatable to themselves gets their problem solved, a consumer is far more likely to become infatuated with your company.

● They are approachable

Animation is probably one of the more challenging forms of media to create. Yet, it is the easiest form to consume. People will be far more likely to watch a video about who you are or what you sell rather than read about it.

● Show your brand personality

Does your company have a wicked work culture that everybody else should know about? Are your ethics well aligned with your audience’s wants, and do you have a brand ahead of its time? Use your animated explainer video as a chance to show your brand’s personality.

● They’re multifaceted

Your video can be posted on YouTube or Vimeo. It can then be relayed through your social media platforms. It can be embedded on your website. It can be sent out via an email marketing campaign. Once you have the video, there is a multitude of ways you can use it.

● Explainer videos can help improve your SEO

Google is constantly trying to figure out why you should be ranked number 1. You need to show Google that you are the top expert in your industry and have information others desperately need. Explainer videos optimised for search will help your website be found by users looking for your product or service.

Explainer videos will add a great deal of value to your website and help highlight why a customer should buy from you. They’ll improve conversions and offer an incredible return on investment.

At Small Films, we will work with you to discover the best animation style that fits your video project, tone of voice, and goals. We’ll help write the script, storyboard it, and our talented bunch of animators will bring your project to life.

If you’re looking for an animated explainer video company, then do get in touch

Across the past few years, there has been an explosion of gin brands in the UK. And it’s not stopping any time soon. Distilleries are popping up across the land, and we’re not only seeing new tasty spirits appearing but some awesome marketing to boot. Imaginative branding, purposeful collaborations and Instragrammable pop-ups are just a few of the activities going on, but which gin brands do the Small Films team think are truly nailing their marketing right now? Let’s check them out. 

58 Gin

row of gin bottles

58 Gin is a slick operation. Just one sniff around their website, and you can see they have been featured in GQ, won multiple awards and are running a highly successful gin school in Haggerston. Positioning themselves as an eco-conscious brand, they produce gins out of the apples too wonky to be sold in the supermarket and sloes that have been foraged for their seasonal sloe gin. They also market a ‘make your own gin’ offering – a great way to build brand advocates.  

Victory London 

pink gin can in front of plants

Hot off the press with its new brand refresh, Victory Distillery also puts sustainability front and centre. With the rebrand came new plastic-free bottles, designed to be refilled and also made locally – helping to reduce their overall carbon footprint. With an Instagram page so good, they’ve already achieved over 14k followers; they put out content that delves into the story of where they want to take the brand. Victory does a stand-out job of marketing their sustainability credentials – weaving it heavily throughout their content and explaining the ‘why’ behind every eco-focused decision.  

Silent Pool

blue and orange gin and candles

With its instantly recognisable bottle, Silent Pool is a citrusy gin made in Surrey. They are absolutely nailing their email marketing strategy with engaging ways to build their email list (a downloadable cocktail book, plus offers and promotions). This gin brand knows how to put its name out there. Whether they’re creating a Silent Pool bar, virtual cocktail classes, tasting tours or pop-up gin bars at events – there’s a bit of something for everyone. 

One Gin

gin bottles in a row

One of the most beautiful bottle designs on the market, One Gin, is based in the leafy Richmond-upon-Thames. Set up by the team behind One Brand (known for One Water who fund clean water projects), One Gin is their first step into the world of spirits. Donating 10% of their profits to sustainable water programmes in poor communities, this is a brand with a great story and a bigger purpose. Their social feeds have a great mix of brand collaborations, cocktail recipe ideas and behind the scenes content (including a stint on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen), whilst also highlighting the importance of their clean water programmes. 

Jarrold’s Gin

gin against a purple background
Image via

Another gin which you’d almost buy just for the bottle, Jarrold’s, is a London dry gin distilled in West Sussex. Persian limes, which are a quintessential flavour of the Iranian kitchen, are a key component of this gin, giving it its citrusy punch without bitterness. Their social media does a great job of behind the scenes content, so you really understand that this is small-batch gin made with love. No large-scale faceless factory set-up here.  Their branding is on point, from the labels on their bottles, right through to their website design.  

Twisted Nose

You know you’re onto a good thing when you land on the Twisted Nose website. Full of all the trust signals that this is a rocking gin (awards, customer reviews and an excellent return policy), you can’t help but want to buy a bottle (especially when it has a World’s Best Gin Design trophy). Their social media is an excellent mix of G&T snaps, cocktail recipes, competitions and discounts. Across the years they’ve also done some notable brand collaborations with the likes of Tunworth cheese, Coates & Seeley and luxury hotel, Lainston House. 

East London Gin

East London Gin has nailed their fun and cheeky tone of voice to a tee. Having gone through a rebrand in late 2020, they’ve taken their look from one which was fairly traditional, to one with packets of personality. Their recent collab with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a stroke of genius. Celebrating the botanicals and the bees that make this gin what it is, this is a collaboration with a story behind it. Head over to their Instagram and you’ll see a carefully curated grid, packed full of beautiful product photography and their brand’s personality shining through. 

Hayman’s Gin

This gin is steeped in tradition, with a story that goes back to 1863. Run by the Hayman family in Balham, the distillery is an impressive space, where you can take part in tours, masterclasses and, one that we’d love to attend, the ‘ginema’. Everything about how Hayman’s Gin positions its brand oozes quality and experience, from the beautifully laid out website to the perfectly thought out design of their bottle. The marketing of the gin flavour combos is excellent – who wouldn’t want to try a peach & rose gin slushie with pink lemonade!

We’re not just gin lovers at Small Films, we also make pretty cool films. We’ve shot videos for the likes of Aldi, Charlie Bigham’s and Lucky Saint beer and so we know a thing or two about what makes people salivate over your food or drink product. We’re always at the end of the phone so just give us a shout if you’d like us to help with your next video project.  

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way for a business to attract clients in a creative, eye-catching and informative way.  

What is an Explainer Video? 

Explainer videos are usually short videos that are used for marketing or selling a product or service. Explainer videos highlight the key features and benefits of these products/services to encourage why a customer should buy them, so they’re a great style of video to use if your product or service is complicated to understand. They are used in multiple ways, such as on an e-commerce site, in Facebook ads or by the new business team to help quicken the sales cycle.  

The Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video 

Not only are animated explainer videos a popular choice, but they don’t require extensive production or travel, making them easier to create and often more cost-effective. An animated explainer video doesn’t need pre-shot footage, so they’re a great way to bring any concept to life. 

  • They quickly explain complex ideas. 
  • They are cost-effective to create 
  • They support your SEO efforts 
  • They help to position your brand 
  • Video production is easier to manage 
  • They can boost conversion rates

At Small Films, we can provide all types of animated explainer videosGive us a bell to chat through your project. 

Animation is a great way to get creative with your video. It can be colourful, vibrant and unique – helping to make your brand stand out. With animated explainer videos, you also have access to various styles, from character animation to mixed media – allowing you to choose which best fits your brand. For example, a company like Innocent often uses illustrators for their animations to capture their playful personality, whilst Accenture uses 2D motion graphics to explain their services clearly.    

Animated explainer videos can come in a variety of styles and functions: 

2D Animated Character Videos
Animated videos are pretty easy on the eye, especially when you have a nice simple animated character telling you a story. It’s engaging and, if done right, will put the right message across. 

2D Motion Graphics
With 2D motion graphics, you don’t need an emotional/engaging story. Due to the graphics being the exciting part, you can just jump straight right into the relevant information required. 

Whiteboard Animation
This type is simple and can gain the attention of both a visual and text learner. If done right, it can be a real winner of an animated explainer video. 

3D Animation Video
3D animation is a more advanced style, where features can be made more realistic. However, this can be expensive to create compared to 2D animation but is definitely worth the money. 

Animated Explainer Video Best Practices 

As an experienced animation video companySmall Films has created countless animated videos for our clients, including Interactive Investor and Emily Crisps, so we know all the best practices for all styles of explainer videos. 

  • Keep them between 30-90 seconds in length.  
  • The videos should be kept simple, refined down to only 3-5 messages 
  • Start with a simple script and work your way from there.  
  • Let someone who doesn’t know the industry watch your video – this way, you can see if people will understand your messages and what you need to improve on.    

At Small Films, we can take your project and create something outstanding from just a seed of an idea. We’ll support you with everything, from writing the script, creating storyboards, animating and editing. Give us a bell if you’d like to chat your project through. 

There is no doubt that creating a crowdfunding video to help launch a campaign and gain investment for your business is effective, but creating a successful video will take your marketing up a notch.

If there is one thing that people want more of today, it’s video content. Did you know that nearly 70 per cent of consumers would rather watch a short explainer video about a product or service than reading about it (Wyzowl)? Sixty-eight per cent of those will watch a video in its entirety if it’s under one minute long. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

Creating an engaging crowdfunding video

Most entrepreneurs are looking to fill a gap in the marketplace with their innovative products or services. Crowdfunding is a way to attract investors to help launch or expand something that they see as valuable. Your video should help people with a particular itch to scratch to find the solution they are looking for.

Your video script should be able to solve a problem concisely and communicate this at their level. This means making a video that isn’t too advanced and hard to understand, nor too simplistic that may act to trivialise your goals. It also allows a space for you to show your passion, ethos, and mentality about the project you are raising funds for.

Your crowdfunding video should cover a few essential areas if you want to realistically achieve your funding goal.

These include:

Be yourself. If you are pledging for a product or project, people buy personality. Show your passion and genuine love for the end goal you want to achieve!

Hook your audience as quickly as possible. Explain the problem or issue you address with your new product/service. Follow this with your solution or steps to take to resolve the problem.

Keep it snappy. Nobody wants to see a long, drawn-out video that wastes time. Get to the point, be concise and clear.

Include clear branding. Make your company more memorable from the offset.

Cover the basics. This is a sales pitch. You wouldn’t believe how many crowdfunding videos don’t explain the bare necessities:

· Tell the viewers who you are.

· Tell the viewers the story behind your project. Your goals, your ambitions.

· Ask for support, explaining how much you need it and what you will do with the money.

· Talk about how amazing the rewards will be.

· Explain that if the goal isn’t met, bad things will happen, and your passion project will die.

· Make sure to thank everybody and put on a big smile!

These basics can make or break a crowdfunding video – be sure to tick these boxes before publishing a video.

It can also help to remember that many people may watch your video while at work, so they may have it on mute – use captions and B-roll footage to help get your message across. Using B-roll also allows the viewer to get an excellent contextual idea about the ethos of the brand or individual they may be helping to fund.

Ensure that captions look great and are accurate, that your graphics look polished, and that you’ve included a call-to-action. In this case, you’re asking your viewers to donate. Make sure it’s clear to them how, where and by what date they can still invest.

Getting the right video production support for your crowdfunding video

Unfortunately, not everyone is a born filmmaker and will need to get some outside help. It is not surprising when there is so much to learn about video creation. A busy entrepreneur doesn’t have the time to learn about the technical side of shooting a video, such as the lighting, sound quality and choosing the right filming environment. Then there is the storyline and script to think about, and not to mention the final editing. You can see how the whole process can quickly become overwhelming.

As a London-based video production company, Small Films is here to help entrepreneurs with their crowdfunding videos. We specialise in creating holistic campaigns that boost brand awareness and help drive investment in new start-up brands. Our expertise in creating award-winning crowdfunding videos has raised millions of pounds for our clients. Have a look at what some of our previous clients have had to say.

Something we are especially proud of is our work with Emily Crisps. Have a look at the video and campaign that raised over £1.1 million and see for yourself what a good crowdfunding video looks like! We also worked with Kaelo, a super-awesome surface integrated wine cooler company. Our crowdfunding video helped them smash their target by 140% raising a whopping £815,000 in total. Why not get in touch with us to find out how we can help you!

Using a video production service can add another layer to your content and help get eyes focusing on your brand. With killer video production and top-notch editing, you can expect a slick video that hits all the right notes for your customers. But how do you know which video production services are well-suited to grow your business? This Small Films guide details the best video services available and how they can help your brand. 

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to tell people about your products and services. They often sit on your website homepage and surmise your business offering in just a couple of minutes. Explainer videos can also be helpful across other platforms, such as social media, blog posts and landing pages.

With people having an average attention span of just eight seconds, explainer videos are a great way to cut through the noise and keep viewers engaged. An
excellent explainer video script and sharply-shot video can make your video stand out from the crowd and get audiences to make a buying decision.

Customer testimonial Videos

A customer testimonial video with Infabode

There’s nothing better than a recommendation, especially when it comes from previous customers who have used your business and loved the results. Many companies have a testimonials page on their website but tend to use a quote from a customer with just a couple of sentences that don’t really delve into the experience. 

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With a customer testimonial video, you can
market your business in a way that engages audiences and increases sales. Videos are more personable than reading text as you’re watching a live version of someone providing their opinion. You can implement a testimonial to showcase the value of your product or service in video review form, adding more vibrancy to the testimonial than if it were written text.   

Looking for support with testimonial video production? Get in contact with the Small Films team.

Branded content

Branded videos are sometimes referred to as corporate films or “company story videos”, and they help sell the idea of your brand. They typically last between one and three minutes and convey the culture and essence of your brand, helping people buy into the core ethos that your business stands for.

A well-shot branded video can help customers become more familiar with your business while condensing the company USP into an easily understandable message. The best-branded films often have excellent narration or tell a story using interviews. Regardless of the approach, the goal should always be the same: give your customers a clear snapshot of your business in the quickest, simplest and least confusing way possible.

How-to videos

If you think there might be confusion overusing your product or service, a how-to video can give customers the insight they need to get the most out of your offering. These videos are informational and focus on ensuring that customers are clear on using your services. 

A how-to video Small Films produced for Plenish

A food and beverage brand might use a how-to video to create recipes, while a software company could use them to show people how to open an account and use the service. While these videos are informational in their nature, they also do a good job from a marketing perspective. That’s because you’re giving customers free content while providing genuine value.    

Ecommerce videos

Any company that sells its product online needs great product videos. This type of content is for point-of-purchase designed to help people make faster buying decisions. They sell items while giving shoppers valuable information about a product.

A product video we shot for Aldi

A great eCommerce video tells the product’s story, targets the right audience, showcases a brand’s identity and taps into the buyer’s emotions. The best video production companies use all of these elements along with excellent story-telling techniques to drive sales with high-end e-commerce videos. 

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Bonus: video marketing tips

A great video production service company goes one step further than creating excellent content. They also provide marketing tips, advising you on the best way to utilise the final product and get as much as possible out of the video. 

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They will be able to give you advice on how to market the video, from advertising on platforms like YouTube to how to break videos up into segments and use them on different platforms. Ultimately, a video production company will create top-notch content – but they’ll also have expertise in helping you make that content a success. 

Growing your business with video production

The best video production companies can film different types of content, offering you a range of services to grow your business in the process. All that’s left for you to do is find one that’s a good fit and get working on video content that will increase your bottom line. 

If you’re looking for video production services in London and more, get in touch with Small Films. We’ll help you realise your video ambitions for your business.

Video rules the roost when it comes to marketing, and it’s set to account for 82% of global internet traffic by 2022. Whether you’re a pro at using videos for your marketing efforts or still a newbie, there are many benefits a video production company can bring to the table. From expertise and know-how to high-quality results, going down the professional route can do wonders for your business. 

But you want to hire the right experts and ensure you don’t get ripped off in the process. Here at Small Films, we’re bringing you anything and everything you need to know about working with a professional video production company, so you’re not left thinking you got a bad deal. 

Don’t go for the cheapest option.

Sure, we all want to save money, and there are budget requirements that need meeting. But scrimping on your video production company hire shouldn’t be where you look to cut costs. That’s not to say you need to spend an arm and a leg but, more often than not, the cheapest solutions can leave you disappointed. 

There is no set price regarding how much you should pay (though a decent ballpark figure is between £2,5000 – £5,000). Really, it comes down to the previous work completed by the video company, how much they understand your project and the general vibe you get from conversations with them. 

One thing you should definitely do is stay away from automatic video tools, at least in the very beginning. They are available at minimal cost but churn out general videos that miss the core elements of your brand. 

See our video production services.

Disregarding video equipment

If you want high-quality video production, then the company hired needs to carry high-tech equipment. It’s true that technology is evolving, and you can do some pretty impressive things on an iPhone these days, but great marketing videos are filmed with excellent equipment. 

Knowing which equipment a video production company uses can be tricky if you don’t know about camera gear. That’s why you should ask them to give you the rundown on what they use when shooting and editing. You can always research the cameras after the initial chats and watch and read online reviews. 

The best video production companies use great equipment, but it’s still worth asking the question. After all, if they use high-level gear, they won’t have any issues giving you info on their equipment. 

Weigh up the pros and cons of local hires versus further away

Do you hire a local, London video production company or a team further away? There is no right or wrong answer here, but the closer they are, the easier it is to get in touch with them, plus everything generally runs more smoothly. 

If your business is located in a rural area, it might be harder to find nearby talent, and you’ll probably need to look towards the nearest city. For example, a Hertfordshire-based business may look for a video production company in London to create their videos.

Big-city companies tend to be more expensive, but many of the most sought-after ones are based in larger cities like London. Essentially, it comes down to doing the research and speaking to several video production companies before deciding.

Not checking credentials 

When looking for a video production company, it should go without saying that you check their credentials. Ask for case studies that back up the quality of their work and see if they have valid customer testimonials. 

Look at example work that matches your requirements, and check things like setup, team size and location. Don’t just fall for a snazzy sizzle reel, either. As good as they may look, it’s essentially a slickly edited highlight reel that provides a quick overview of a company’s work. That’s not to say you shouldn’t look at the sizzle reel – just make sure you get the other credentials to get a better overview of the company’s quality. 

Go deeper than the video.

Obviously, the most crucial aspect of a video production company is its ability to film great content. But it’s worth asking them about their knowledge of all things digital marketing. After all, if they’re a studio that creates content for brands, they should know a thing or two about how to market the final version. 

Look for companies who go big on marketing tips and offer advice on the best ways to maximise your content. Video production companies that can provide marketing suggestions show their knowledge and can offer support beyond video production areas.

Avoiding getting ripped off by a video production company

Being thorough and doing your research will reduce the chances of getting ripped off by a video production company and ending up with a video you’re not happy with. Take your time, and don’t hire anyone until you feel completely confident in any potential working relationship. Do that, and the chances of you working with a high-quality video production company that creates great content for you will be much higher. 

And if you’re looking for a results-driven video production company in London, why not come and say hello to us here at Small Films?