Direct-to-consumer brands haven’t had it easy over the last couple of years. Results from advertising are down because of the iOS update and Facebook phasing out cookies. As a result, advertisers have limited campaign functions and find it harder to measure success. It essentially means that brands need to get more creative with direct-to-consumer marketing. One way to do that involves using video, so the Small Films team has dedicated this guide to how you can boost DTC advertising campaigns with video content. 

Why video?

Video has become an increasingly popular method for connecting with audiences. More than 80% of online traffic is video content, and many customers now expect companies to provide video content, be it product reviews or brand messages. 

But making a video isn’t enough –  the quality of the creative is vital for improving the efficacy of advertising campaigns. A well-presented video can differentiate between selling a product or service and missing out altogether.  

Here are five tips to boost your advertising campaigns with video…

1) Product demo videos

Product demo videos are nothing particularly groundbreaking, but they can be difference-makers when done right. Video is the ideal type of content to inform users about your product during ad campaigns. It’s more immersive than descriptive text, and it provides tutorials on how to use the product while revealing what makes your offering different from competitors. 

Product demo videos don’t always need a simple presentation to camera, either. You can have some fun with them and add a bit of flair. That’s what backpacking company Kelty did, showing users how to set up its side table in an informative yet lighthearted way while also incorporating music.



2) Animated explainer videos

Animations and illustrations are usually big wins for brands. These videos often take complicated messages and explain them with vibrant videos that are short and engaging. This can be ideal for fast-moving audiences with low attention spans (which is basically most of the internet). 

Brands of all sizes use animated videos, with McDonald’s recently showcasing its creativity for a new app via live animation. The colours are draped in the classic red yellow, the messaging is simple, and the animations look sleek. Plus, the whole video is barely 90 seconds.


3) Tell a story

The aim might be to sell products, but building a connection to gain your audience’s trust is equally important. Good storytelling is part and parcel of every successful business as it can strike the right chord with audiences. Using video to tell your story allows you to be more expressive and hit the right emotional tones to create a piece of content that engages audiences and gets them eager to know more about your brand. 

Warby Parker used video for better brand storytelling with its employee interactions. The American retailer filmed a video asking them about their least favourite words to get customers a deeper connection with the Warby Parker employees. It’s simple yet does the trick of getting shoppers to feel more comfortable connecting with the people behind the brand. 


4) Customer testimonial videos

Nothing promotes your brand like word of mouth. And while reviews on Google and Trustpilot have their place, video offers a deeper level of interaction. Customer testimonials can take on many forms, whether it’s everyday people impressed with your product or influencer reviews sharing the testimonial with their followers. 

The best customer testimonial videos go that extra mile, such as this one from Tesla. The electric car company did something a little different, forgoing the typical straight-to-camera piece and filming a cinematic testimonial capturing the brand’s vibe while showcasing the quality of its cars. This testimonial does more than simply show a happy customer; it encapsulates his day-to-day life, where he lives and how a Tesla car fits with his ethos.


5) Informative videos

Again, selling might be the primary goal, but there are more subtle ways to drive revenue. Smart brands don’t just film product videos; they make content about topics related to their products and services. To illustrate, a travel brand might create a video about the best places to visit, while a company selling cooking equipment may decide to conjure up recipe videos

This type of content increases your brand’s exposure and highlights you as a thought leader in your industry. In turn, you build trust with customers who feel more comfortable purchasing from your company. Mojo Travels took this approach, creating a top 10 list of the most beautiful and relaxing destinations on earth, giving viewers informative information instead of going for a direct sale.


Final words: Supercharging your campaigns with video

With high-quality videos, you can give your ad campaigns a different dynamic, whether it’s a product video, customer testimonial or anything else that captures their attention. Video is the way forward for direct-to-consumer brands, and you can add flair to your advertising campaigns, generate more interest and increase sales. 

Small Films is a video production company in London, Hackney. We love working with a wide range of brands, from Aldi to Nextbase, creating video content that makes them stand out. If you’d like to chat to the team about using video to boost your DTC ad campaign or another video project, we’d love to hear from you