The best explainer videos effectively communicate a clear narrative. They should be brief, entertaining and interesting. Make the complex simple. And help to ensure your brand stands out above your competitors. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a successful explainer video. But when done well, they can be a converting machine. At Small Films, we regularly offer explainer video services to our clients, so we know a thing or two about what to include. If you’d like to chat with the team, then do get in touch

Below we’ve compiled our pick of the top 10 best explainer videos. 

1. Slack

This is a great explainer video because, within the first few seconds, it introduces the problem and soon after, the solution. It’s done in a humorous way, which is both engaging and relatable for the audience.

Slack’s explainer video shows off their array of valuable features, with plenty of examples of when and how to use them. Plus, the extensive list of integrations with popular apps enhances the user experience further.

The quality of the filming and sound is great, and the addition of graphics makes the content easily digestible.

2. Rex London

This example comes from the Small Films team. As an experienced explainer video company, we know how to establish a connection with an audience, and instantly gain their attention. This piece incorporates animated visuals, introduced in time with the voiceover, that illustrate the history of the brand.

The point of this message is clear; Rex delivers joy. And we think this video hits the nail on the head.

3. Grammarly

Not too far away from Slack’s example, Grammarly aims at a student audience. And again, they immediately introduce strong problem and solution examples.

Throughout the video, there are clear demonstrations of what the product is about and how it operates. And with a strong call to action at the end, viewers are left in no doubt on how to download the product.

4. Ahrefs

Keeping with the theme of introducing a problem first, Ahrefs does this within the first 3 seconds of their (appropriately timed, 1:31 minute) video.

This is a purely animated explainer video in comparison to the mix in previous examples. Here, animations visually represent the system’s features and break down its benefits, which are repeated consistently, sending a clear message.

The narrator is fun but informative. The script lets us know where the video is going, which is the final call to action at the end to sign up to Ahrefs.

5. Join the dots

Another pure animation example. Here, the visuals streamline perfectly, both in time and keeping with the script. Each animation helps the viewer to be led through the storyboard, which contains the host of benefits of using Join the Dots.

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6. Headspace

Headspace’s animated explainer video uses visuals to demonstrate how the app gathers information about users and curates personalised content. 

The animated explainer video for Headspace also employs graphics similar to the actual product, helping users become familiar with the product’s design and user flow.

7. Kaelo

Instructional explainer videos are a great way to get a point across to a large group of people. This Kaelo example is both informative and exciting, which is an awesome combination for teaching new skills. 

The friendly presenter removes any challenges to using the product. The overall tone of the video, including the physical environment and background music, exude luxury.

8. Casper

The video showcases how Casper’s products are expertly-developed with a combination of live-action and animation. In this video, they demonstrate the benefits of Casper products as well as describe them verbally.

9. Interactive Investor

Because Interactive Investor services may be a new or complex concept for their customers, the fully animated video takes the time to walk them through how simple it will be to use. This assists in both familiarising people with the new service and promoting Interactive Investor as a market leader.

10. Notion

Demonstrating your product or service in action during your explainer video can help to persuade potential customers to buy.

In their explainer animation, Notion chose to display the product in action. The company succeeded in reducing buyer confusion from their target audience by presenting them with exactly what they’ll get.

If you sell an online service or software, it’s helpful to show the audience how it works. Leads want to know that they’ll be able to jump right in, and by addressing that question, you’ll be one step closer to closing the deal.


There we have it. The 10 best explainer videos we’ve seen so far in 2022. Hopefully, you’ve picked up on the helpful hints for making your own.

Here’s a recap of the key takeaways:

  • Focus on a problem and the solution
  • Maintain a straightforward approach
  • Use a style that best represents your brand
  • Create a strong script
  • Be amusing where appropriate
  • Clearly explain how your product or service works
  • Make your content visually appealing
  • Make an emotional connection with your audience
  • Add clear branding throughout
  • Include a CTA

Before creating an explainer video or animation, as with any other sort of video content, you must first identify your target demographic and essential messaging. This video should be only one aspect of your overall video content marketing strategy – the initial hook to show your audience why they need your product or service and persuade them to continue down the funnel.

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