Pentire is the non-alcoholic spirit currently making waves in the drinks industry. Born out of its Founder Alistair Frost’s love for the sea and its surroundings, Pentire is designed to bring flavours of green, citrussy and salty notes. Whilst they’re getting rave reviews of their product, how well are they doing on the marketing front? Well, pretty damn good. In this article, we look at what’s making them stand out and how they’re using video marketing to tell their story.  

Their Cornish roots are embedded into everything they do

One look at the brand, and you can instantly gauge their Cornish heritage. With a vision to bottle the experience of surfing, camping on clifftops and foraging in hedgerows, they’ve cleverly woven these roots into every piece of marketing. Their social video content is filled with imagery of their non-alcoholic spirit being enjoyed on the beach – surfboards in the background, sand between the toes and coastal views. 

Sustainability is a core part of the business

As a brand that captures the taste of flora and fauna, sustainability is a pivotal part of its business strategy. Operating plastic-free packaging and waterless printing, Pentire is passionately working to raise the bar of environmental standards. Impressively the business is also a B Corp, a certification requiring a rigorous and comprehensive process. Living and breathing their passion for sustainability, On World Ocean Day, the team even shut up shop and dived into the ocean. 

drink on beach

Their videos educate on the best way to enjoy their spirits

As a non-alcoholic spirit brand, consumers might not know how best to enjoy their product. But does Pentire Sea Spritz take your fancy? Or how about a Pentire Americano? Peppering their feed with cocktail recipes, their videos give a glimpse into the best ways to enjoy this non-alcoholic spirit. We’ll take a rhubarb gimlet if you’re asking!

gin and tonic

They’ve gone big on video ads

Pentire has tested a whole range of Facebook and Instagram ad formats for their campaigns, and video is very much front and centre. Highlighting their love of the outdoor lifestyle, their video ads feature beach BBQs, hiking, biking and surfing, amongst many other activities. Creating video ads for every stage of the funnel, they not only have hero-style films, they also have cocktail recipe content and videos highlighting their discount bundles. 

They align their values with brand collaborations

Since its origin, Pentire has collaborated with a number of key brands and influencers. And they’ve always kept these brands in line with their values. They’ve interviewed Jess Morgan, the top cyclist, featured at Rock Oyster Festival and Soho House Festival and collaborated with the online florist Bloom & Wild 

soho house festival

They showcase their values through curated brand films

Pentire has curated a range of cinematic films designed to show its brand values. From following a surfer around the south coast of Cornwall to capturing ocean advocate Dan Crockett, these films all have a purpose – to highlight local businesses or celebrate the ocean and the great outdoors. 

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