Bold Bean Co. has managed to cultivate a fiercely loyal following in an industry where competition is fierce, and consumer preferences are ever-changing. Through a combination of exceptional branding, strategic partnerships, and genuine community engagement, they have set themselves apart from the competition. 

It’s hard to find negative comments about Bold Bean Co. because their community genuinely loves them. This positive sentiment is reflected in the abundance of glowing reviews and enthusiastic social media posts. Their customers aren’t just buyers; they are passionate advocates who actively promote the brand.

So here’s a detailed look from the Small Films team at why Bold Bean Co has earned such a dedicated fan base.

1) They’ve created an instantly recognisable brand

Bold Bean Co has created an instantly recognisable brand that stands out on the shelves. Unlike the typical canned beans, their packaging is vibrant, stylish, and distinctly premium. This strong visual identity makes their products easily identifiable and appealing to both bean enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. By combining a fun, approachable design with a high-end feel, they justify their premium price point in a market dominated by cheaper alternatives.


2) They’re not shy to do Podcast or TV Appearances

Amelia on This Morning

Bold Bean Co. is not shy about making media appearances, and they’ve leveraged platforms like podcasts and television to expand their reach. And could there be a more nerve-wracking appearance to feature on than Dragon’s Den? This exposure not only increased their visibility but also introduced the brand to a whole new audience, creating a fresh cohort of bean enthusiasts.


3) They have a true passion for getting the nation bean-obsessed

Bold Bean Co’s passion for beans is evident in every aspect of their marketing. They are on a mission to get the nation bean-obsessed, and this enthusiasm is contagious. Their dedication to showcasing the versatility and benefits of beans helps to inspire and educate their audience.

4) They share recipes galore

Recognising that many consumers may be unsure how to use beans beyond basic recipes, Bold Bean Co offers a wealth of culinary inspiration. Their website and social media channels are packed with innovative bean recipes that place beans at the heart of the dish. By providing a variety of delicious and creative ways to use their products, they help their customers see beans as a versatile and essential ingredient in their kitchens.


5) They align their products with great chefs

Nigella Lawson and Bold Beans

Bold Bean Co. aligns its products with some of the best chefs in the industry, including Nigella Lawson. Their cookbook features contributions from culinary heavyweights like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Melissa Hemsley and Anna Jones. These partnerships not only lend credibility to their brand but also generate buzz and excitement. They make sure to highlight these collaborations on their social media channels, reinforcing their status as a premium, high-quality brand.


6) They shout about the nutritional benefits

One of the key aspects of Bold Bean Co’s messaging is the nutritional benefits of beans. They regularly share content that educates their audience on the health advantages of incorporating beans into their diet. This focus on nutrition not only informs but also provides an excellent incentive for health-conscious consumers to choose Bold Bean Co products.


7) They continuously engage with their community

Engagement with their community is a cornerstone of Bold Bean Co’s strategy. They prioritise responding to customer inquiries and feedback, which fosters a sense of connection and loyalty. Beyond simple interactions, they engage their audience with competitions and exclusive content, keeping their community active and involved.


8) They’re clearly passionate about their company culture

man in a stand

Bold Bean Co ensures that they are not seen as a faceless corporation but as a team of passionate individuals. They regularly feature their team in marketing efforts, from welcoming new members to sharing team activities like road trips and cook-alongs.


9) They launched a cookbook

Bold Bean cookbook

Taking their recipe sharing a step further, Bold Bean Co launched a cookbook dedicated to their bean-based creations. The cookbook has received rave reviews and even earned the BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme Book of the Year 2023 accolade. This move not only provides their customers with a tangible resource but also reinforces their authority in the culinary world.


10) They’ve built connections with other foodie content creators

Bold Bean Co doesn’t limit their collaborations to famous chefs. They also partner with food writers, content creators, and chefs who have engaged online audiences. By sharing and rescheduling recipes from creators like Joe Woodhouse and Kitty Coles, they show their audience that their products are versatile and accessible, inspiring them to try new dishes.


11) They share behind-the-scenes content

Transparency is a significant part of Bold Bean Co’s appeal. They regularly share behind-the-scenes content that gives their audience insight into the inner workings of the company. This approach not only builds trust but also keeps their community informed and excited about future developments.


12) They create excellent teaser content

When launching new products, Bold Bean Co. excels at creating teaser content that builds anticipation. They engage their audience with guessing games and sneak peeks, generating excitement and buzz around new offerings. This strategy keeps their fans eager and involved, driving higher engagement and sales at launch.


13) They shout about their supermarket partnerships

Bold Bean Co has established strong partnerships with major supermarkets like Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. They make sure to publicise these partnerships so their audience knows where to find their products. While they have a robust e-commerce presence, ensuring that customers can easily find their products in physical stores is key to broadening their market reach and boosting sales.


14) They always stay authentic to themselves

Bold Bean Co prides itself on being authentically themselves. They communicate with their audience in a genuine and relatable manner, avoiding corporate jargon and overly polished messages. This authenticity resonates with consumers, who appreciate a brand that speaks honestly and transparently about their products and values.

15) They are committed to sustainability

As a certified B Corp, Bold Bean Co is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable world. They actively work to reduce their environmental impact through eco-friendly packaging, and a commitment to ethical sourcing. This dedication to sustainability attracts environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for brands that align with their values.

16) They further engage with email marketing

Bold Bean Co. effectively uses email marketing to keep its audience engaged and informed. Their newsletters are not just promotional; they provide valuable content, including new recipes, product updates, and behind-the-scenes stories. By delivering relevant and interesting content directly to their customers’ inboxes, they maintain a strong connection with their audience and encourage repeat purchases.

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