Testimonial videos highlighting transformational stories

One Beyond

The Brief

One Beyond is a software development company, specialising in developing solutions for SMEs, enterprises, and funded startups.  With a range of products under its belt, One Beyond wanted to highlight the success stories of its collaborations and cement its position as a leading software solutions provider.

Our Creative Solution

Our initial project involved collaborating with three prominent clients: Haymarket Publishing, Costa Express, and Hampden. Taking the lead from start to finish, we seamlessly coordinated the entire video production process. This involved writing the questions around the story that they wanted to tell – a transformation story about what life was like before they started working with One Beyond, the problem that One Beyond solved and what life was like afterwards. Before culminating in how they would recommend working with them.

To maximise the impact of these testimonials, they were strategically placed on their website homepage, ensuring they regularly cycled to provide every visitor with a glimpse into the company’s success stories. We produced a main video of around two minutes, tailored versions for social media platforms, complete with subtitles to support those watching without audio, and concise, 30-second clips focusing on specific questions asked during the interviews. This multifaceted approach equipped One Beyond with a wealth of content for various marketing channels.

Following this project, we were asked to support a recruitment campaign. Recognising the need to address post-Covid recruitment challenges, we took an innovative approach to the traditional recruitment film. Through candid interviews with team members in both Farnham and Madrid, we captured the essence of the company culture, showcasing the welcoming and enjoyable workplace environment at One Beyond.

The Result

The client was thrilled with the results of the films. By authentically capturing their client testimonials, we effectively showcased the real-world impacts of their software solutions – helping to build credibility and trust for visitors. 

The recruitment video led to notable improvements in the company’s outreach efforts alleviating the hiring challenges faced by One Beyond. These successful projects ultimately solidified our partnership, helping us to secure subsequent collaborations, including a film designed to assist the company in securing investment.


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