ITV advert for this traditional Scottish ice cream brand


The Brief

Mackie’s is a well-established ice cream brand in Scotland known for its pure flavour and use of real dairy cream. Having successfully used online video content for marketing they were now eager to venture into TV advertising in England – helping to expand their market share. The objective was to create a high-quality TV advert that would resonate with an affluent female audience aged 25 and above, residing in the East Anglia region.

Having worked with the Small Films team before on highly successful past productions, they trusted that we would deliver a compelling TV advert they would be proud of. They granted us creative freedom, provided we captured the essence of their strapline, “Making Simple Delicious.”

Our Creative Solution

We initiated a brainstorming session with our team, using our creative production software Milanote to generate a multitude of ideas. Having in-depth knowledge of Mackie’s key marketing messages, such as the “Making Simple Delicious” strapline and their commitment to real dairy cream, provided a strong foundation for ideation.

We pitched several ideas to Mackie’s, and they chose a concept centred around capturing meaningful moments associated with enjoying Mackie’s ice cream. These occasions ranged from comforting friends after a breakup to serving it as a delightful dessert at dinner parties or summer BBQs, even the simple joy of sneaking a spoonful from the fridge and savouring it. 

With the concept approved, we proceeded to bring the idea to life. We storyboarded and wrote the voiceover script, before we meticulously planned the shoot, casting actors, securing the location, and assembling a skilled crew of 15 members. The single-day shoot took place at a rented house in Putney, London, using high-end equipment like the ARRI ALEXA camera and Cooke lenses. We aimed to maintain a natural and honest feel for the advert, avoiding excessive staging and production to keep it authentic, like the ice cream itself.

During post-production, we emphasised the importance of sound effects to enhance the advert’s emotional impact. By incorporating soundscapes from various settings, such as dinner parties, BBQs, and TV watching, we enriched the viewer’s experience, drawing them into the moments depicted on screen.

However, creating a TV advert presented its unique set of challenges. We had to navigate the Clearcast approval process to meet advertising standards, ensuring that claims were substantiated and food advertising rules adhered to. Additionally, we had to satisfy the technical specifications required for broadcast on ITV.

Despite the complexities, our team successfully delivered a compelling and cinematic-style TV advert for Mackie’s ice cream. The semi-documentary style conveyed the genuine joy and emotions associated with savouring Mackie’s.

The Result

Mackie’s was thrilled with the results of the advert, and it is now airing on ITV, reaching their target audience in England – building on the significant success they have already achieved in Scotland.







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