People now spend at least 100 minutes online every day watching videos. The question for brands isn’t whether they should make video content, but which type of videos they should film. For many, the idea of an animated video is appealing, as it provides no limits when it comes to creativity. But should your business implement animated videos in its marketing efforts? We’ve got the lowdown with everything you need to know about animated videos, including the different types and their benefits. If you’d like support with creating an animated video from a video production company in London, then do get in contact with the Small Films team.

What is an animation video?

An animated video features original designs, drawings, illustrations or computer-generated effects designed with several artistic styles. Pixar is perhaps the most famous animation studio in the world, but you don’t need to make big-budget films to reap the benefits of animation.

Using animation marketing, your brand can strike a chord with audiences thanks to its ability to capture the imagination. By placing a video into a broader marketing campaign, you can promote your brand with some serious visual flair.

Videos using animation are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and are often used for different types of content. From animated product explainer videos to animated case studies, there are a variety of ways you can supercharge your marketing efforts with animated videos.

What are the benefits of animation videos?

Animated videos are particularly suited to modern media, as they offer a unique method of providing information in an entertaining way. You can use voiceovers, custom visual aids and visual metaphors all at once, turning complicated scenarios into easily digestible content that’s clear and concise.

A Small Films animation for

It’s also easier to make animated videos reflect your brand, something that is imminently more difficult to achieve in other types of marketing. You can personalise the content, from the colour scheme to the aesthetics and include elements like your logo without any hassle. It’s even possible to conjure up animated characters to reflect your brand, giving your business a fun and emotive type of marketing strategy.

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Expect the costs involved with animated videos to be lower than if you used real actors. They are often simpler to produce than live-action videos, meaning the resources required keep budgets down. The animator can create the world you envisage on a computer without restraint. For a short piece of content, you’ll likely pay significantly less than a live video.

Different types of animation videos

Animated explainer videos

Explainer videos come in many forms, including animated versions. They’re typically shorter videos designed to explain a product or service quickly and get your USP across. B2B companies often use animated explainer videos as they’re an accessible and fun way to show off products and services that may otherwise struggle to excite.

Emily Crisps crowdfunding video featuring animation

Whiteboard animation

With a whiteboard animation video, you can take complicated concepts and draw them out step by step. Doing so allows you to provide the viewer with a clear way to digest information. It’s also a concept people are familiar with, so the chances of capturing their attention is higher than other types of videos.

Live-action/animation mix

There may be times when you feel it’s necessary to create a live-action video and include animation elements. These types of videos are more common in feature films than brand marketing, but it’s still something worth exploring. They tend to be successful because they combine the familiarity of live-action with the imagination of animation.

A Small Films animation for e-commerce brand Rex London

Motion graphics

Motion graphic animations are another handy way for companies to showcase complex products and services, such as in the tech industry. The clever use of moving graphics helps illustrate a message through colourful, dynamic and vivid content.

3D animation

Using 3D animation makes it easier for some audiences to engage. The action can rotate around and zoom in and out, allowing for a more immersive feel. Out of all of the video animation types, 3D animation can be one of the most expensive to create.

Stop Motion Video Style

Stop Motion Video Style uses a specific animation and implements a technique of photographing an object as it’s moved slightly. The result is the illusion of motion when played in real-time.

Animated case study

Case studies are a great way to give people more information about your company using real-world examples. Many case studies are written, but a growing number are appearing in video form and making use of animation to enhance the content. An animated case study may be one of the few times you combine live-action shots with animation.

Other types of animation videos

  • 2D animation
  • 5D animation
  • Typography
  • Screencast video style
  • Rotoscope animation
  • Plexus video animation
  • Cut-out animation
  • HUD Animation
  • Mechanical Video Animation

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How to find a video animation company

First and foremost, you want to work with a video animation company that has a track record. Ask to see samples of their work and schedule a chat where you can get a better idea about how they work.

Be clear about your needs, eg turnover times, the type of video you want and your budget. That way the video animation company provides an indication of the scope of the work and everything required.

Don’t be afraid to ask around either. Speak to contacts to see if they’ve worked with animation companies before and ask if they have any recommendations. You can also talk to us here at Small Films, and we can help bring your video animation concept to life.

Final words: another world with animation

Using video animation to market your products and services to customers can add another dynamic to your brand. An animated video offers you the chance to think outside the box and create a video that is intriguing and enquiring about your business.

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