Whether you’re a food brand or a finance company, events are likely to play a vital part in your marketing mix. From brand activations to company conferences, events are an exciting and powerful medium that can help you reach more people, increase your visibility, and help generate leads. But when it comes to events, are you leaving opportunities on the table by not capturing them on film? Here at Small Films, we love supporting brands with their event videography, whether it’s an event agency showreel or an annual conference opener.

There are multiple ways you can use video to enhance your experience.

  1. A teaser video highlighting what to expect at the upcoming event
    A fantastic way to encourage ticket sales, registrations or get employees excited about the event
  2. Talking heads from key speakers showcasing what to expect in their session
    Showcasing insights into sessions on the agenda is a brilliant way to help drive attendance to the sessions. It will also ensure that your audience knows what to expect at each, so they’re getting the most value with their choices.
  3. At an annual conference, tell the story of the past year to your audience, bringing it to life with animation.
    In the hybrid work world, you might find that many employees aren’t aware of all goings on in the business. A recap of the previous year is a fantastic way to detail what’s been going on and make them feel proud to work for the company.
  4. Use video to create icebreakers throughout the agenda
    A full day of back-to-back presentations is a surefire way to have your audience switch off. Break the day up with icebreaker video content throughout the agenda.
  5. Intro sessions with short and impactful introductory videos
    Short, snappy and with upbeat music is the perfect way to engage the audience and fire them up for the session ahead.
  6. Use background video content during drinks receptions
    Whether it’s a showreel or a recap of your last year, testimonials or brand films, then video content at a drinks reception is a useful way to convey your message in a more relaxed setting. Ensure to include subtitles.
  7. Live stream to a hybrid/virtual audience. Add motion graphics
    Open up your event to a much wider audience by live streaming your content. Whilst it may add a greater cost, it is a fantastic way to increase ticket sales.
  8. A post-event highlights showreel
    Key for all your post-event marketing, a highlights reel is a great reminder of your event, plus a useful tool when marketing next year’s event.
  9. Video replays of the sessions
    For those who weren’t able to catch all the live sessions, full replays (plus shortened highlights) will keep them in the loop. Consider monetising the content replays

Let’s take a look at four ways event videography can be used to drive results for your brand.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Event videography is one of the most effective ways to capture people’s attention and get them engaged with your brand. People love watching videos because they are quick and visual. By creating an event video, you can tell a story about your brand in a succinct way that will draw people in and keep them interested. If you’re an event agency, then having a top-notch creds showreel to show off your work is a must.

Check out our showreel for events agency, onepointfive

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

With event videography, you have the opportunity to show off the unique personality of your brand. You can capture candid moments between attendees, showcase interesting tidbits about your business, or highlight key activities that took place at an event. This can give viewers an inside look into who you are as a company and what you stand for—which can make them more likely to engage with you in the future.

Capturing the Drinks Sales Network on film

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Increase Visibility & Reach More People

Another great benefit of event videography is that it gives you an opportunity to increase your visibility online and reach more people. With digital video becoming more popular every day, it’s important to capitalise on this trend by creating videos that are shareable across different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The more engaging the content, the more likely it is to get shared, so the higher chance there is of new people discovering your brand.

Generate Leads & Sales

Finally, event videography is highly effective at generating leads and sales for businesses. When potential customers watch videos about your company, product/service offerings or event agency credentials, they are much more likely to become interested in what you have to offer.

Capturing the Connections networking event on camera

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Event videography is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to driving results for brands. Not only does it allow you to capture people’s attention, but also showcases the personality of your business while increasing visibility online and generating leads & sales opportunities as well! If used correctly, event videography could be just what your business needs in order to take its marketing efforts up a notch! So why not give it a try?

Small Films is an agency that specialises in event videography. We’ve delivered event showreels, conference openers, and live-stream awards shows for some of the UK’s biggest brands.  If you’d like to discuss your event videography needs, then do get in touch with one of the team.