Mapping out how video content fits into the marketing funnel is a surefire way to supercharge your strategy. From using SEO videos to get in front of an audience looking for your business to showreels that push towards conversion, there’s a multitude of ways that video can be used to help cement a sale. And it doesn’t just stop at the sale – Building advocacy should also be a key part of your plan. And there’s a whole host of videos that can support this too. In this article, the Small Films team delves into all the types of videos you can use to optimise your marketing funnel. 


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Building Awareness

SEO Videos

With most of us heading to Google when we’re looking to find an answer to our challenge, there’s no better place to ensure that your brand is showing up. It’s easy to optimise your website for SEO, but forget about your VSEO (video SEO) strategy. And with YouTube the second largest search engine, it’s vital that you’re doubling down on this channel too. 

To read more about how you can nail your YouTube strategy, make sure to read our blog SEO for videos on YouTube – An Ultimate Checklist. Plus take a look at HubSpots’ article on How to optimise your videos for YouTube search

See the SEO video we created for Gressingham Duck


Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the top ways to get your brand in front of a new audience. Consider how you purchase. How often have you found yourself going down a rabbit hole after watching a video on Instagram? With the ability to be highly targeted, they’re a brilliant way to build awareness and scale your brand. 

See our Facebook ad for Mallow & Marsh

Explainer Videos

Explainers are videos that help to educate your audience about common pain points or challenges. They can also work to explain what your company does quickly. A really useful tool if you have a more complex service offering. Explainer videos are a great first step for a brand to let their audience know what they do, so they want to come back for more. 

Watch our Join the Dots explainer video

TV and Cinema Adverts

Whilst this is an avenue for brands with bigger budgets, those who can build it into their marketing budgets will reap the benefits. Cinema adverts are a brilliant way to build awareness in the local community. Take the cinema advert we created for Croydon High School. This was an excellent way to target parents in the local area, showcasing why they should choose to send their children to Croydon High. 

Check out the ITV advert we created for Mackie’s ice cream

Organic Social Media 

Share bite-sized video clips on social media platforms to tease upcoming products, events, or announcements. Video content helps to generate curiosity and encourage users to seek more information, driving them further into the funnel.

Driving Interest

Product Demos and How-Tos

Create in-depth product demonstration videos or how-to guides to showcase the features and benefits of your offerings. This type of content helps potential customers visualise how your products or services can address their specific needs.

See the product video we created for the Aldi Air Fryer

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company culture, production processes, or day-to-day operations. This humanises your brand and fosters a connection with your audience, making them more interested in the people behind the products.

Webinars and Expert Interviews

Host webinars or conduct interviews with industry experts. This positions your brand as a thought leader and provides valuable insights to your audience, further establishing interest in your products or services.

Customer Testimonials

Showcase real-life experiences with your brand through video testimonials. Authentic stories from satisfied customers can help build credibility and trust, making potential customers more aware of the positive impact your products or services can have.

See our Haymarket testimonial.


A highlight of all your best bits, showreels are a brilliant way to help push your audience down the funnel. There are many ways you can use them, from on your website, in proposals, live pitches, across your social media, and in your email marketing campaigns. 

See the showreel we created for onepointfive

Aiding Conversion

Product Comparison Videos

Help potential customers make informed decisions by creating videos that compare your products or services with competitors. Highlight what sets you apart and why your offering is the superior choice.

Limited-Time Offers and Promotions

Drive urgency and encourage conversions by creating videos that promote limited-time offers, discounts, or exclusive deals. Use compelling visuals and a clear call-to-action to guide viewers to the next step in the funnel.

Interactive Product Tours

Develop interactive video tours of your products, allowing users to explore key features and functionalities at their own pace. This immersive experience provides the necessary information for a confident purchasing decision.

Customer Onboarding Videos

Assist customers with onboarding through instructional videos. This not only ensures a positive customer experience but also reduces post-purchase anxiety, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Building Advocacy

User-Generated Content Campaigns

Encourage your satisfied customers to create and share their own videos showcasing your products or services. User-generated content serves as authentic testimonials and can be a powerful driver for brand advocacy.

Case Studies

Transform your case studies into engaging video formats. Highlight the challenges faced by your customers, the solutions provided by your brand, and the positive outcomes. This builds credibility and encourages advocacy from potential customers.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes

Reward your brand advocates with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, or early access to new products. This not only strengthens their loyalty but also encourages them to continue advocating for your brand.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Host live or pre-recorded Q&A sessions where advocates can interact directly with your team. This personal connection strengthens the bond between your brand and its advocates, turning them into vocal supporters.

Strategically aligning video content with your marketing funnel can be a game-changer for your business. From building awareness to fostering brand advocacy, video has the versatility to engage and resonate with your audience at every stage of their journey.

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