How brands communicate continues to evolve, with video becoming an essential cog in the marketing machine over the years. It should already form a vital part of your marketing strategy, but how do you know if you’re making the right videos in 2022? That’s where we come in with this guide about using video in your marketing efforts. Read on for some handy tips to help drive your brand forward, so it’s seen as the company that wins at video marketing. If you’d like support from a video production company for your next project, then do get in touch.

But first… some stats

  • In 2021, 86% of businesses said they were already using videos as an essential marketing tool
  • Around 84% of consumers are more confident about a purchase after watching a video related to the product or service
  • By the end of 2022, video is expected to account for 82% of overall internet traffic.

Here’s how to win at videos in 2022

Use videos in your social media stories

Videos appearing in social media stories are becoming increasingly popular. Think Instagram Stories, and you’re on the right track. Social media stories help brands offer a more personal touch than other types of videos because their nature is less sales-y and more about making a connection.

As we get further into 2022, audiences will expect more story-driven content – they’ll want to feel greater emotional connections with a brand. Social media stories allow you to do that in various ways, whether through Q&As with viewers, polls, or more insight into the business’s day-to-day operations.

Live video

The pandemic made live video necessary for brands, as they had to find alternative ways to connect with audiences. In-person events were no more for most of 2020 and 2021, and everyone suddenly found themselves with a Zoom account.

It turns out that customers love live video content because it’s still going strong and has a pivotal role to play in 2022. Whether it’s influencers promoting products, music artists doing virtual concerts or brands holding live Q&A sessions, demand for live videos isn’t going away.

Facebook Live is a great platform to produce live video content. For example, if you’re a cooking company, why not use a Facebook Live stream to host a cooking class and promote your ingredients while teaching viewers how to cook a new dish? Live video isn’t as polished as other formats, but it offers a greater level of connection and works well alongside your pre-recorded video content.

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Short-form videos

The trends between long-term and short-term videos change all the time, so it’s important for brands to do a bit of both. But in 2022, you might want to pay extra attention to creating shorter video content. One of the reasons Instagram and TikTok content performs so well is because videos on the platforms are on the shorter side.

On average, 68% of viewers watch videos in their entirety if they are less than 60 seconds. And while it can prove challenging to create entertaining and knowledgeable content condensed into a short time period, it’s worth the effort as you stand to get higher engagement. If you’re looking for ideas, try creating short and snappy user-generated content videos as a way of showcasing your brand in a different light. UGC results in 29% higher web conversions compared to non-UGC campaigns.


Brand storytelling is a game-changer when engaging with customers and giving them more insight into your company. One way to do this involves vlogging (video blogs), which helps create a personality for the brand while providing insightful content to viewers.

Suddenly the person behind the camera becomes the most important focus, as they tell a story about topics, events and experiences from their perspective. This helps the audience get a better idea of the person behind the camera while developing a stronger connection with the brand.

Also, think about using vlogs in blogposts, adding to the current content and giving readers a summary in video form. Evergreen vlog content can also boost SEO rankings and increase engagement with viewers.

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Silent videos

Nope, the rise of silent videos isn’t a throwback to early 1900s cinema. It is, however, about to become one of the biggest video trends of 2022. That’s because an increasing number of marketers are creating videos to be watched without sound.

If you’re wondering why this trend has picked up, the answer lies with the consumer. On Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound, and 80% of viewers say they negatively react to videos ads playing with sounds.

With more people watching videos on their smartphones and outside in public, the need for silent videos and subtitles becomes even more pressing. If you want people to hang around and watch your content, you need to optimise it for silent viewing. In fact, simply turning the sound off and adding captions can improve watch rates by 12%.

Interactive video

Remember what we said about consumers wanting to feel more engaged with brands? One way to do it involves interactive videos, where the viewer joins in and has their say on the content. Interactive videos allow the viewer to make selections and choices as they watch, shaping how the content will evolve.

It could be something as simple as incorporating a slider so people can slide the bar in a direction to give their opinion. Or it might involve choosing an option to change the course of the video. Whatever the route, using interactive video is likely to get customers more excited about interacting with your content.

Summary: using video in 2022

Videos were already too influential for brands to ignore. Now it’s all about evolving your video marketing communications to meet audience demands. With the suggestions on our list, you can build your customer base and get them excited about your products and service with exciting videos that offer something different.

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