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Case study videos are one of the best ways to showcase your product or service. If you are thinking about creating a case study video for your brand then why not contact us. 

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Case study videos bring your product or service to life

Build Trust

A good case study video can help to win the trust of prospective customers.


Featuring your customers in your case study videos provides social validation for you product or service.

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Case studies are the perfect tool to use in your sales and marketing.

Why do Case Study Videos work so well? 

Case study videos can bring a product or service to life and offer an easy, quick, digestible way of understanding your brand. Case study videos can help tell a story about your business that goes deeper than a simple website video or brand film. They create trust with your prospective customers and offer validation that your brand is worth their time. Not only that but case study videos are the perfect tool for your sales and marketing department. They can be used in marketing campaigns or by your sales team in their sales conversations. Case study videos offer an affordable and easy way to create video content that has a great return on investment and should be high up on the list of videos to create for your business.

The most common approach to creating a case study video is to do live filming and create a compelling documentary-style piece. This can then be enhanced with motion graphics and visual effects. However, increasingly brands are turning to animation and mixed media to create eye-catching films that push the boundaries in their creative style.

Some of our case study video production work

Tilda w/ The World Food Programme

This film tells the story of Tilda’s commitment to help the WFP end world hunger.

Sock Shop

Sock Shop want us all to feel happy from the feet up. We helped them communicate their message with this film.


Everhot traditional range cookers have one foot in the past and another in the 21st century. This film shows their heritage and commitment to environmental sustainability.

What kinds of case study videos should you create?

There are a few different approaches to the “case study video” and it certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You should find the type of case study and style of content that best reflects your business ethos, tone of voice and most importantly the interests of your customers. Here are three common types of case studies you could create for your business.

1. Customer-Focussed

Whether you are a B2B brand with an amazing client story or a B2C brand with lots of happy customers, creating a customer-focussed case study video is like testimonials on steroids. By putting your existing customers on camera, you prove that your product or service is good. They will do a much better job of selling you than you will!

2. Subject-Focused

Case studies don’t always have to be about client work or happy customers. There may be a specific facet of your business that deserves to talked about. It might be a charitable initiative that your company has implemented, a partnership with another organisation or just a milestone in the company’s history. If you have a story to tell that you customers may want to here then think about making it the subject of your video.

3. Process-Focused

There may be a particular process that is important to your product or the way you do business. It may be a unique or proprietary technique that enhances your offering. For example, a food brand may put a lot of impetus on the way they harvest their ingredients, or a manufacturing business may have a unique factory process that saves time. From consumer brands to SAAS companies, many businesses have something unique about their story that would help to bring their services to life.

At Small Films we specialise in creating compelling video content for brands across the UK. So if you are thinking about creating a case study video for your business then feel free to give us a call.

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