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Listen in to the Big Chat Podcast and YouTube series with
Small Films Founder, George Hughes

In this series Small Films founder George Hughes explores all the different ways that brands, businesses and individuals can get an edge in today’s fast-paced digital world.  George meets with an array of talented experts from a variety of disciplines including marketing, sales, content creation and business strategy. All of them have a different angle on what it takes to supercharge your business.

We now live in a digital world where things are changing every day. New technologies, talent, trends and techniques are emerging all the time and its very hard for marketers and businesses to keep up. To stand out in a crowded landscape, you need to be agile and move with the times so this series is packed full of useful and actionable advice from some the leading experts in their disciplines.

If you are looking to give your business or yourself an edge, then this is the right podcast for you.

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Podcast Guests

Olivia Wollenberg, Founder of snack food brand Livia’s talks to us about how her 100K+ social media following and digital marketing activity really helped her build the business from the ground up!

Marcus Bronzy, radio, podcast and TV presenter, talks to us about his experience in broadcasting, working for the BBC and Capital 1 Xtra, his knowledge of podcasting and how brands and businesses can setup and execute a good podcast.

Nupur Saxena, Customer Marketing and Commercial Strategy Director at Split Second. We chat all things FMCG, retail, consumer buying and retail buying with Nupur as she boasts an impressive background in retail strategy and customer insight, working for major brands like Coca-Cola, Heinz, Bacardi and Craft Mondelez (to name a few).

Mark Leruste, founder of The Unconventionalist and a born leader in business development, public speaking and leadership training. We chat with Mark about his TedX Talk Cardiff video which is the most viewed TedX, his time at the Movember foundation raising £2M and the work he does with brands and leaders, helping them find their purpose, develop a clear message and improve business activity through knowledge.

Mark McCulloch, founder of We Are Spectacular and The Supersonic Inc Podcast. Mark comes from a long line of digital marketing experience working for the likes of, YoSushi and Pret A Manger. He now applies his wealth of marketing knowledge to helping brands set up their own unique marketing strategy. We chat all things digital, marketing and content to find out just how brands should be doing things.

Yoann Pavy, Head of Digital Marketing at Depop, sat down with us to discuss his journey from an engineering degree and working at Fords Motor to his now very impressive marketing title and experience. Yoan has worked for some very modern and digital savvy brands, Depop and Deliveroo, and has a lot to say about the best digital technology and platforms to be using in order to reach your specific customers.

Alice Ter Haar, EU Marketing Strategy at Deliveroo and a guru in personal development training, Alice thinks of herself as a modern evangelist, and she’s not wrong! We had a great time chatting with Alice about her time at Deliveroo, looking closely at marketing strategy, what works and what doesn’t and how Deliveroo has gone from strength to strength. But Alice’ main passion lies with her personal development, where she helps people find their “North Star” and reach your dreams. Very inspirational chat.

Richard Moore, LinkedIn Guru, Sales expert and Head of Growth at Entrepreneur Business Live. Very insightful and interesting chat we had with Richard, looking into a sales experts mind is very enlightening, especially when they are using digital platforms to sell, reach customers and to grow businesses. What Richard doesn’t know about sales, LinkedIn and entrepreneurship, no one does. 16+ years of experience working in this industry, helping brands, building leaders and growing businesses – very fascinating chat.

Lisa Targett, UK General Manager at Tribe UK, chats to us about influencer and micro influencer marketing and explains what these terms really mean and how to properly apply influencers to your business. Lisa boasts a very exciting and interesting journey, from her time in Melbourne, Australia, working for a male swimwear line and then taking Tribe from Australia to London! Very inspirational and a lot of knowledge in the digital space.

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