You’ve got your product, set up your listing and are starting to make sales on Amazon. But whilst you’re product’s getting some interest, it’s not converting quite as well as you thought. Now’s the time to look into video content. Video is one of the best ways to push customers towards a sale – especially on Amazon. So why is that? This article breaks down all the ways video helps you sell more on Amazon. 

It showcases all the angles of your product

Whilst product photography can help show a product’s angles, it’s never as effective as video content. Video helps to show the perspective and put a narrative around the features of the product, plus it also can show a customer using your product – helping users see the product in action. 

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It puts you ahead of your competition

Are your competitors missing videos on their listings, and this is a way you can get a step ahead of them? When looking for products on Amazon, users will be sizing your product up against your competitors. They’ll be checking the features and benefits and want a quick view of how your product can support their needs. Video, therefore, is a great way to make you stand out. 

It can help improve your conversion rate

Video is said to improve the conversion rate by up to 86%. That’s a whopping amount that you don’t want to miss out on. This is because video helps customers understand your product better than sole photography. People need to learn about your product before they buy it, and video will help you to tell that story. 

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Video helps to build trust

Amazon can be full of low-cost products sourced from China with poor listings. Therefore by having a high-quality video on your page, you’ll help to build trust with your users. Good quality films show users that you have the capital to invest in this type of marketing. 

Video helps to generate better brand recall

When someone explores a product on Amazon, they might not be quite ready to buy. But by showing a video on your listing, they’ll more likely recall your product for when they do come back to Amazon to buy. This is because video can create an emotional connection and also tell a story about your product – helping customers much better remember it. 

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Best practice for your Amazon video

  • Keep the video short
  • Know your audience
  • Tell a story
  • Include your logo and branding
  • Hook the viewer in the first few seconds
  • Edit it to the correct video specs
  • Film as 16:9 ratio
  • Shoot in English
  • Include a CTA
  • Stay on brand
  • Use royalty-free music
  • Shoot with a high-quality camera
  • Highlight the benefits over the features
  • Highlight the problems the product solves
  • Use animation to call out benefits

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