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Small Films is a specialist video production agency in London offering video production services to marketers who want to grow their audience and make their brand stand out with video. We create online videos to help businesses grow, with more leads, sales and customer acquisition.

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Video Production Company


Our team can take on any filming production at home or abroad.


We edit all our films at our facilities in East London.

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Animation / Motion Graphics

We offer either full animation or a mix of live action and motion graphics. 

Why work with a specialist video production agency? 

In today’s world where people spend most of their time online, the expectation for high quality content has never been greater. Online video content is the new frontier where specialist content creation agencies like ours are pushing the boundaries to create better, more eye-catching and more impactful content. Video content has been proved time and time again to be the medium for getting exceptional marketing results. And working with a specialist video production agency can help you achieve that.

Small Films is a specialist corporate video production company producing film and animation for a range of brands across the UK. Our professional creatives, script writers, videographers, photographers, editors and animators create online content from product videos to explainer films.

Our senior team has over 30 years combined experience and we’ve delivered incredible results for our clients, with videos that have gone viral generating millions of pounds in sales.

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Some of our work

Tilda Rice with the World Food Programme

This film tells the story of Tilda’s commitment to help the WFP end world hunger. Find out more.

Charlie Bigham

Bringing a bit of personality to their products in a social ad campaign featuring the founder.

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Pots and Co

Bringing a decadent pudding to life in a winter launch using social media advertising.

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How we work

At Small Films we offer an end-to-end video production service where we can take your project from just the seed of an idea, all the way through to the finished film. Video production is broken down in to three key stages: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.


During Pre-Production, we will create concepts for your videos, turn those concepts into scripts or storyboards and bring the best specialists onboard for your particular project.


We now make all arrangements for the shoot including booking locations, actors and buying props. We film to the highest standard using a professional team with the most up-to-date equipment. All our shoots are risk-assessed with the right permits and insurance to make sure everyone is safe.


Once the filming is completed, the editing begins. At this stage, we bring your story to life by cutting the shots together in the right order, adding music, sound effects, voice-over and any visual effects that are required. We may use motion graphics or animation to add another layer to the live action recording. Finally we colour-grade the entire film to balance the skin-tones and enhance the vibrancy of the production.

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