Video is the medium of our time, and its importance continues to grow as technology improves. Eighty-nine percent of marketers say video gives them good ROI, while 87 percent say it helps increase website traffic (Wyzowl 2021). 

More people are watching online video content than ever before (HubSpot 2021), so this offers an incredible opportunity for advertising. We now have access to our customers all the time via their smartphones, so we can talk to them 24/7.

Video tickles the senses through sight and sound, so it delivers more impact than other advertising mediums. The ultimate vehicle for storytelling, it is great for unpacking your brand’s story and bringing your products to life in a way that no other medium can. In the world of food and drink, video has the power to yield high results. After all, there’s nothing quite like watching an ad for a scrumptious dish or refreshing drink to get the taste buds tingling. Before your customer actually tries your products, video is the next best thing and can give them a flavour of what you are all about. It’s one of the reasons why video marketing performs so well for food and beverage brands.

Whether you’re just getting your brand off the ground or have an established business, video content is vital for connecting more people with your brand. But the overarching question is how? How do you go about implementing a successful video marketing strategy that increases reach, builds your brand and grows the bottom line? 


A product video effectively demonstrates the benefits of your product or service. It can sit on your website or an individual page if you’re an eCommerce company that wants to highlight one of your products. A great approach with these videos is to focus on your customer pain points and how your product can resolve them. Use that as a springboard to unpack the features of your product or service.


A product video allows you to provide customers with more insight into your brand. Whereas a company video hooks them in with something short and snappy, the product video lets you take a deeper dive into your offering and provide more context to audiences. By shining a spotlight on the product’s key features, as Aldi did with its Special Buys range, audiences will better understand how they can use the product.

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You can focus on a particular product or highlight a range to give people more information. A product video could be the difference between someone browsing and making a transaction on an eCommerce page, as it provides more context around your offering. 


Many product videos sit somewhere on the brand’s website. They can also be handy on marketplaces like Amazon, which you might use to sell some of your products. You can also use them in email communications when you launch a new product, be it a restaurant launch video or bringing new options to your product line. 

Great examples of product videos


M&S Sapphire Raspberries 


Pots & Co


Upbeat Drinks


Aldi Air Fryer

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