To create the perfect online marketing video there are some key considerations to take on board. From ensuring you’re giving your viewers a good story to adding in graphics that bring it to life, at Small Films we know all the tricks to make an impactful marketing video.


Humans are natural storytellers and have been doing it since the dawn of man. Videos are no different and the best way to engage your audience is with a compelling story. Divide your video into 3 acts – beginning, middle, end, then create your narrative. You might simply introduce your product/service and the problem you are trying to solve, set out arguments for why it works and then finish with a conclusion. Or you can create a more personalised story featuring you and your team, a customer/beneficiary of your service or a particular project. Enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% so make sure it isn’t boring.


The human attention span is just 8 seconds. That’s less than a goldfish. So keeping your video as short as possible is incredibly important. Very few online marketing videos can go over 2 minutes and still retain their audience. Consider this, you have 10 seconds to grab the viewers attention and 20% of viewers will click away in that time. If you can hold on to them for that long, a third will stop watching after 30 seconds and nearly half after 1 minute. If you do want to make a longer video then make sure you have an incredibly engaging story.

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78% of people watch online videos every week and we’ve become very discerning consumers. We make split-second judgements about what to watch and what not to watch. Make sure the start of your video is as powerful as it can be, even down to the first few frames. This is the equivalent of your product packaging and will make you stand out on a shelf full of other videos. Those first few seconds are critical if you want to engage the viewer and convince them to watch through to the end.


60% of YouTube watch time is now from mobile devices. The same trend applies to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. That means most people are watching with the sound off. Think about that… All those people will not hear a single thing you are saying in your video. Graphics are a great way to combat this. Apart from adding higher production value and looking great, you can use them to create a video that works with or without sound. Consider text on screen with key buzzwords from your overall message, labels pointing to elements that are of interest and calls to action that ask consumers to act on what they see.


The best videos have a simple premise and a simple story. Don’t overcomplicate things by adding in too much detail or trying to tick too many boxes. If the consumer has difficulty in understanding your message then they will switch off. Decide the most important, core message of your video and stick to it. For example, if you are selling a product but also want a video to show to investors then make two videos rather than trying to cram it all into one. If you do that, it will be a mess.

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