If you want to be successful on YouTube, you need to have a mix of content types on your channel. This is sometimes referred to as the “hero, hub, help” model. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at each of these content types and how they can help you grow your channel.

Hero Content

Hero content is the type of content that really grabs attention and helps you stand out from the crowd. This is the kind of content that you want to lead with because it’s what’s going to get people interested in your channel in the first place. hero content can be things like exciting trailers, informative vlogs, or funny challenges. Basically, anything that’s going to make people want to hit that subscribe button.

Hub Content

Hub content is the bread and butter of your channel. It’s the type of content that you’ll be posting on a regular basis, and that will make up the majority of your channel. Hub content can be things like weekly vlogs, how-to videos, or product reviews. Basically, anything that will keep people engaged with your channel on a regular basis.

Help Content

Help content is designed to…you guessed it…help people! This is the kind of content that people will turn to when they need some advice or guidance on a particular topic. Help content can be things like Q&As, AMAs, or advice videos. Basically, anything that will give people the information they need to solve a problem or make a decision.

If you want your YouTube channel to be successful, you need to have all three types of content: hero, hub, and help. By having a mix of all three types of content on your channel, you’re sure to engage and grow your audience in no time!

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